Would You Like To Study A New Programming Language?

Part 12 of 13 in the Series: How To Learn Programming Languages

Learn Hot Programming Languages

Learn Hot Programming Languages

Learning new software development languages can be fun.

That is one of the reasons why software developers like their careers … they get to learn or solve problems with new software development languages.

However, learning a software development language is a real-world exercise because programming is learnt by doing.

That’s why computer programmer job interviews are designed to test practical programming skills or abilities.

Apparently, some college graduates have a hard time grasping this concept because they seem clueless on how to get a programming job despite their computer science degrees!

So, what do I advise?

  1. Practice as you learn – at the software developer boot camps, graduated hand-on assignments allow software developers to practice solving programming problems.

  2. Solve real world problems – Find a small, real world programming challenge and solve it. Solving real world problems improves your analysis, design and project management skills.

  3. Ask for help – Get help from skilled programmers. Don’t spend weeks sweating the small problems when an e-mail to a coach, mentor or colleague will do.

    Note: One-on-one private coaching is included in the software developers boot camp as part of the training. Click here for more information

Some tech workers still see programming as being difficult because they are unable to work through difficult programming problems by themselves. I argue that learning new programming languages is not difficult!

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  1. James

    #softwaredeveloper #visualbasic #databases I need help with creating a database, tables and linking it on Visual basic

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