Let Your Personal Creativity Run Wild!

starving artist wolfgang amadeus mozart
starving artist wolfgang amadeus mozart

This article is one in a series on creating or establishing your personal brand and becoming a leader in your industry.

While creating your personal brand is not easy, the benefits speak for themselves; other professionals begin to seek you out, ask for your assistance or offer you compensation in exchange for your help, services or advice.

Creativity is sometimes frowned upon in the workplace because you are expected to follow orders!

Perhaps you’ve neglected using your creative forces in the past because it forces others to think or so that you can keep your head down and stop others from following you!

Becoming a leader or creating your personal brand is not about following others but about using your originality and creativity!

Don’t repress your imagination in hopes that it will get you ahead in the business world because it will actually do the opposite … ensure that you have a mediocre career.

So, get those creative juices flowing, throw away the stiff, boring, compliant, plan persona you adopt for the workplace and let the funny, considerate, original, witty, unabashed, unrestricted, simple, effective, direct, unafraid you come to life!

Here are some tips, tricks and techniques that can help your personal creativity efforts:

  1. To become an expert or a leader, publish or produce useful information in an appealing way using content that is worth your audiences’ time.

  2. Start creating a layout for website to get your creative juices flowing. Think of a funny or interesting blogging topic for your industry. Introduce your topics using witty content titles and don’t be afraid of your creative side.

  3. If you’re insecure about how your ideas come across, get a proofreader or test-audience but don’t stop writing

  4. Involve your friends and family as critics, as long as they remain honest in their response and you don’t react to their opinions?

  5. Getting in touch with your personal creativity is as a fun and exciting project, so don’t stress out if it doesn’t blossom overnight

Establishing a reputation as a leader in your industry helps you get better job offers, consulting engagements or career assignments.

Remember that on the road to becoming a leader, you will have to stand out by letting your personal creativity show through.

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