How The Starving Artist Achieves Career Success Using Social Media

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756 – 1791
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756 – 1791

Have you ever heard of “The Starving Artist”? It’s an often used cliché that describes talented, skilled or creative folks like writers, painters, musicians or others who starve while doing what they love.

The idea behind the Starving Artist is “an individual who works for pennies and then dies broke doing what he or she loves”.

Some of history’s renowned or talented artists like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi and Van Gogh lived in poverty, misery or debt because their society didn’t care for or reward them.

But wait a moment, do skilled, talented, creative folks like you and me, have to work for pennies all our lives … just because we want to do what we love or is that just another myth?

Long Live the Media Age

On the contrary, talented, skilled or educated folks run the world because the media age, the internet and social media has changed the way we do business forever.

In the media age, anyone who’s skilled can making a living by leveraging the full power of Social Media Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

In the era of the Starving Artists, the creative or common folk couldn’t afford to show, present or air their works to mass markets because that investment required the purse strings of a King, Queen or Financial Baron.

However, in the Media Age, you can communicate your resume, your profile or your brand with the push of a button called “Publish”.

Many professionals including those in academia use the “Publish or Perish” strategy in furthering their careers and now you can too!

Publish or Perish, Which Do You Choose?

Your career is bigger than your job, employment or paycheck because your career is the problem you’re solving or the value you’re creating at an intrinsic personal level.

Don’t make the mistake of always looking for the next job or the next employer or the next hot career.

Look inside of you and identify the core problems you’re willing to solve or values (goods, services, solutions) you’re willing to create for society on a long-term basis.

Then use Social Media to communicate your new mission to the mass market.

That is how to achieve career success using PULL techniques as introduced in the post “Become a Leader“.

Here is how to get the job you want or stay employed using PULL rather than PUSH techniques:

  1. Become a Leader in your Industry: Identify with your Industry outside your 8AM to 5PM work day. Start solving a thorny business problem or creating a valuable idea, good or service that benefits others.

  2. Build your Brand: Create a message around the value you’re creating for everyone. Let your message transcend your day job. Build your identity around your core message and include that in your resume.

  3. Market your Brand: Distribute your brand using the full power of social media networks. Don’t wait till you need a job before you start marketing because you need to build your social network before you need it.

Becoming a Leader is a powerful PULL technique that advances your career for the following reasons:

  1. Industry Recognition: Being constantly visible in your industry sends subtle reminders to hiring managers that you’re the best person for current or future employment needs.

  2. Better Positioning: Staying in constant contact with colleagues or decision managers using Social Media puts you in a better position compared to an unknown professional whose only contact is an application for a job.

  3. Power Networking: You own or belong to a social network, the members of the network are your friends and you care about their business or solve their problems. Your social networks are in your debt and are willing to return favors by getting you hired.

Learning how to become a leader is important because it actively protects you from layoffs or downsizes and does more by actively promoting or advancing your career behind your back.

Don’t be a “Starving Artist” … a professional whose only communication with hiring managers is when a job is posted.

You can do better that a “starving artist” by building your own brand and your own network of potential employers using the power of Social Media.

Leveraging the full power of social media protects you from becoming a starving artist, an un-employed professional whose career is at the mercy of the job market!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get more information on How To Become a Leader” or learn how to get the recognition or type of employment (coaching, consulting or full-time) you deserve!

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