Develop Your Personal Brand And Become a Leader!

Develop Your Personal Brand - Become A Leader
Develop Your Personal Brand - Become A Leader

Develop Your Personal Brand And Become a Leader

This course teaches you how to develop and use your competitive advantages in the workplace, job market and industry using the PULL method.

You will learn how to become a leader in your industry by developing and taking advantage of your personal brand using PULL techniques.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt how to select the best leadership projects for your industry based on your background, skills, education, training, job history and interests.

It’s Time To Stand Up and Be Noticed. Here is the course outline;

Coaching: Develop your Competitive Advantage

  • Introduce yourself, discuss your background, skills, interests and aspirations and submit your resume for review
  • Understand the PUSH vs. PULL method
  • Learn how to identify, develop and maximize your competitive advantage
  • Identify your career objective and discuss why it’s important to you
  • Workshop
    • Discuss your resume, career objective, challenges, skills, background, education, training, job history and career interests

Coaching: SWOT Analysis

  • Learn how to use SWOT Analysis to identify your competitive advantage and determine your unique offering in the workplace
  • Workshop
    • Prepare a SWOT Analysis document for your career objective

Coaching: OGSM

  • Consider alternative strategies for achieving your career objective
  • Determine the appropriate SMART goals based on your SWOT Analysis
  • Workshop
    • Develop an initial OGSM plan for achieving your career objective

Coaching: Personal Branding

  • Discover your personal brand based on your skills, backgrounds, interests, career objectives and SWOT Analysis
  • Develop your personal brand based on your unique, differentiating values
  • Workshop
    • Choose your personal brand based on your skills, backgrounds, interests and career objectives
    • Develop an action plan that supports your personal brand offline and online

Coaching: The PULL METHOD – Strategy

  • Learn how to use PULL techniques
  • Identify the relevant PULL methods for achieving your career objective
  • Discuss the implementation each PULL method
  • Workshop
    • Document the appropriate set of PULL techniques for your industry

Coaching: The PULL METHOD – Implementation

  • Identify the appropriate tools for implementing each PULL method
  • Workshop
    • Discuss the implementation and use of tools and platforms for the PULL method

Coaching: Become a Leader

  • Enhance your Personal Brand
    • Learn how to become an expert in your industry
    • Analyze the needs, problems, issues specific to your niche, domain or industry
    • Learn how to promote your brand, image and positioning
  • Identify and implement relevant tracking or monitoring tools including;
    • Time management plans
    • Project management plans
    • Personal branding plans
    • Business plans
    • Marketing plans
    • Job Search plans
  • Identify the relevant Leadership Projects for your Industry
  • Review and discuss cost and benefits of each leadership project
  • Workshop
    • Choose and implement your leadership projects

Coaching: Benefit From Your Brand Or Get The Job Your Want!

  • Understand how to profit from your personal branding activities
    • Learn how to be productive with or without a job
    • Learn how to earn an income from consulting, contracting, full-time or freelancing opportunities
  • Workshop
    • Take advantage of opportunities from your personal branding or leadership projects


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