What Is The Job Of A Report Writer?

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Can one make a career or earn a living out of just writing SQL Reports?

Considering that there’s more to the SQL Report Writer’s job than just writing reports, the answer is yes!

The following question was posted by a report writer who is trying to get a handle on the duties, roles, responsibilities or functions of a SQL Report Writer.

Can I Make A Career Out Of SQL Report Writing?

Can one make a career out of just writing SQL Reports?

If so, do you think corporations are getting lazy by overpaying SQL Report Writers $65K+ just for writing Reports.

I develop database documents, flow charts, append revisions.. When approved i create the sql, the error checking, import required data for setup… Move on to programming … building database connections, run load performance tools (custom built).. modify tables as needed, modify documentation as needed.. bench mark the sites and move on to the next…

I failed to mention the part where i build custom reports based on the clients needs, exporting to csv/excel/data dumps for other programs/complex dump algorythms

Does the SQL Report Writer have to care about the semantics of database design or the value of the data stored?

The Job Of A SQL Report Writer

The SQL Report Writer’s role is often misunderstood as just writing reports.

The reality is that a SQL Report Writer’s job is often more involved!

The Report Writer has to know the value of the data, where it is coming from, how to get at or extract it, how to clean it and verify that it is accurate and how to present information correctly using charts, graphs, aggregates, statistical computations, etc.

  1. The Report Writer’s duties includes optimizing or fine tuning slow running reports. The performance of a report may degrade over time as additional data is loaded into tables or as more tables are joined to get at the required data.

    A report may degrade in performance over a period of time or run slowly because the joins are inefficient or because the sql statements need to be optimized or because the data structures (indexes) used in the tables need to be optimized or for other reasons.

    Whatever the situation, the Report Writer is responsible for monitoring the performance of reports and taking corrective action to optimize or improve the performance of the reports when necessary.

  2. The Report Writer’s job role includes reconciling discrepancies between the expectations of data managers and information presented in their reports. A report writer has to spend part of their time validating or proving to decision managers that the data presented on their results are valid or accurate.

  3. The Enterprise Report Writer is responsible for writing the reports needed for different teams, managers, decision makers or departments.

    Some of the reports may use computed or aggregated columns (averages, sums or statistical computations) and the report writer has to write subqueries, nested queries and complex sql statements to present the required data.

  4. The Report Writer may have to access, import, extract, transfer or load data from heterogeneous data sources (Oracle, AS/400, SQL SERVER, TEXT FILES, Microsoft Access).

    As enterprises grow, they collect data across a network of legacy mainframe applications, geographic boundaries, time zones, and corporate divisions, data warehouses and databases.

  5. The Report Writer’s job description includes presenting timely, up to date or current data. This is especially important for time sensitive reports or nightly reports that need to run successfully before the day shift starts or reports that are compiled at the end of a quarter or business cycle.

    Time sensitive reports include monthly statements (bank statements) or reports that need to be printed or mailed by a certain date or reports that need to be available early in the morning for a trading / securities desk or financial / investment team.

Yes, there are lot of reasons why a company will hire dedicated SQL Report Writers and Pay them Well 🙂

This post answers a question about “Making A Career Out Of SQL Report Writing”!

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