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How To Become A Healthcare Business Analyst
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This question was posted by a Healthcare Business Analyst looking for work!

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Here is the Question:

Hi Kingsley,I like your articles and posts and look forward to a good advise from you on the following :

The toughest challenge for me is to get back into Business Analysis after working for just less than 2 yrs where my domain was government sector projects and a dash of incomplete healthcare knowledge.

I 'm neither a fresher nor an experienced guy with very less domain exp. I mostly get healthcare projects ( since my last project was on health care domain) where my knowledge is inadequate and companies do not want to employ me for the same.

How can I bag such jobs when the domain knowlege is lacking? or how can I convince that my BA skills are good enough for the new domain?

I am not sure what additional skills I need to gain to be employable.Should I gain any technical knowledge or do IIBA certifications?

Please advise.


Here is my Answer:


I'm glad that you enjoy reading my articles and posts. I would be glad to answer your questions for you.

Here are my thoughts on what you need to do to get back in the game.

  1. Learn How To Get A Business Analyst Job Without Applying For Any

  2. Learn How To Ace Business Analyst Job Interviews

  3. Get More Business Analysis Domain Experience

How To Get More Healthcare Business Analysis Domain Experience

The main issue facing your business analysis job search based on feedback from employers is inadequate healthcare domain experience.

You need to address the lack of business analysis domain experience directly by looking for more informal or formal work in the healthcare industry.

Don't side-step the main issue by working on getting more educational qualifications because you won't get more healthcare business analysis experience that way!

You need to either get more healthcare business analysis domain experience or perhaps start all over with a new business analysis domain!

If you decide to continue with the Healthcare Industry, then you will be building on your previous healthcare business analysis domain experience.

If you decide to start over with a new business analysis domain, you may be able to get additional business analyst hands-on experience more easily or quickly.

You also have the option on working on getting business analysis domain experience in more than one industry!

For example, you may increase your chances of getting a business analyst job by getting business analyst domain experience in sales or marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) domains in addition to the healthcare domain.

So, evaluate the availability or accessibility of domain experience in the healthcare industry compared to other industries or expose yourself to additional domains besides healthcare.

Regardless of which business analysis domains you choose, do not try to bypass the lack of experience issue ... be sure to address it directly in your actions

Learn How To Ace Business Analyst Job Interviews

It is possible that you are not getting hired because you are not putting up a compelling presentation at your business analyst job interviews!

You may possess the minimal business analysis domain experience required for a healthcare business analyst job and still not get hired because of weak presentation or interviewing skills!

A business analyst may get a job where another business analyst else with more experience, skills, training, certifications or educations fails because job interviews are subjective!

So, you must work on improving your business analyst interviewing skills so you cover all your bases!

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Learn How To Get a Business Analyst Job Offers Without Applying For Any!

It is actually possible to get health care business analyst job offers without actively soliciting for them.

Assuming that the job search process is a marketing process, you are better off getting employers to call you with job offers!

The problem with the traditional methods of job searching is that everyone who is out-of-a-job is probably doing the same thing! To get a job you have to do more than everyone else!

So my advice is that; you have to raise the bar higher by getting employers to notice you or call you with business analyst job offers!

Now, that is quite possible and I am going to show you how!

The way to get employers to notice you is by becoming a leader in the healthcare business analyst domain or any other domain that you prefer!

How To Become A Leader In The Healthcare Business Analyst Industry!

The best way to get a healthcare job is by becoming a leader in the healthcare business analysis domain!

Becoming a leader in the healthcare business analyst domain means that you do the things that gets you noticed in the healthcare business analysis domain.

When you become a leader in the healthcare business analyst industry then employers are more likely to call you with job offers and your resume is guaranteed to stand out in any pile of business analyst resumes!

We have a program that coaches you on how to stand-up and be noticed! . IT helps you "Become a Leader".

In that program you are shown or coached on "how to become a leader or gain recognition in the IT marketplace!"

Sri, feel free to ask for more information by contacting us or by posting a comment, question or reply below!


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i wanted to know the role of a healthcare professional as business analyst.....
can you please mail me at the earliest...
#healthcare #BA #businessanalyst I started my career processing claims for one of the largest US insurance company for 15 months and after that I worked for different US providers(Hospitals, doctors) for 4 years.
So overall I have 5+ years of experience working for US healthcare Industry.
Now I got a job as Business analyst, healthcare domain.
My BIGGEST question is I have healthcare domain knowledge with out business analyst experience,
Can I prosper in my profile? what are the skills i need to gain to do so?
What are the key roles i would need to perform as the healthcare business analyst?
Appreciate if you could guide me.....
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hi Sir,
i started my career as medical coder in us healthcare & as analyst for us based healthcare i want to be into business analyst job. i have completed course of business analyst.
but how to prepare for the interviews & to search job. over all 6years experience in US based healthcare.
What are the skills i need to improve. How to get job as business analyst.
Appreciate if you could guide me…..
Hello Sir,
I am a retail pharmacist for past 8 years. I have done my MBA and also been a pharmacy manager in retail pharmacy for past 4 years. How can I transition into pharmacy informatics analyst or business analyst in healthcare?
Your blogs are amazing , very much useful for improvising our profile....
However how should we adpat for the Next upcoming growth in healthcare IT field .
currently india is \"Ten in One in healthcare IT \" how do we make India as \"one in ten in health care IT\" which can give more revenue and mostly jobs ....