Your Opinion Counts – What Makes A Good Data Analyst?

Ask a Burning Question
Ask a Burning Question

In reply to a question by a Statistician transitioning to a data analyst career, I posted the article Are Statistics Or SQL Skills Required In Data Analyst Careers?

My reply also included a Skills Gap Analysis for Statisticians or Mathematicians who want to become data analysts.

I got a comment from another Mathematician / Statistician which I have posted below.

Let me know if you have a comment or opinion or feedback on this issue … here is my reader’s comment:

Jonathan’s Opinion:


Kingsley was really to the point in this article. I have a Bsc. in Mathematics with statistics myself. In most if not all organizations data is kept in relational databases. Even in a research based organizations like National Statistical Offices where surveys are done using statistical packages like SAS,SPSS,CSPRO etc, Data is best kept in a relational database especially if one is to analyse the data across many surveys.

In short Databases are the best Data storage tools while Statistical packages and spreadsheets are best at number crunching.

To be effective with Databases you need to know SQL So, a combination of Databases skills and Statistical skills makes a good Data Analyst.

I would therefore encourage all Statisticians, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, planning officers, Economists etc to learn Databases and SQL.

What I really like about Jonathan’s opinion is his statement that databases are best at data storage while statistical packages and spreadsheets like SAS, SPSS, CSPRO, EXCEL are best at number crunching.

Your Opinion Counts … Speak Up!

What about you …

  • do you agree or disagree with my opinion or Jonathan’s opinion or with the rest of the article?

  • do you have a different take on the issue?

  • do you have another question that I can answer for you?

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2 Responses to "Your Opinion Counts – What Makes A Good Data Analyst?"

  1. Antony   June 3, 2009 at 7:58 am

    A good data analyst must have very good analytical brain,curious, above all intelligent

    • Kingsley Tagbo   June 3, 2009 at 8:01 am


      I hear you … a data analyst needs a sound understanding of the analytical process …

      The good thing is that the analytical process can be learned

      Thank you for the comment


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