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Ask a Burning Question
Ask a Burning Question

This post answers a question about how to improve soft skills (communication, leadership, time management, presentation, team skills) for a Database Developer.

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Here is the Question:

I am a database developer and I would like to know:

How do I improve my Soft Skills with Training?

How do I improve my Database Skills with Training?

How do I get training that matches my Job Description?

Here is my Answer to the Career Question:

Computer Programmers usually spend more time at work coding than dealing with people, so over a period of time, their people skills may suffer while their technical skills improve.

However, good or effective people skills is required for advancing to full-time senior software developer positions or software architect positions or team lead positions.

The Soft Skills needed for a Database Developer or Computer Programmer Career include

  1. Communication Skills

  2. Leadership Skills

  3. Time Management Skills

  4. Presentation Skills

  5. Inter-Personal / Team Skills

Communication Skills Training for Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers need strong written and verbal communication skills for getting their ideas across to team members, managers, customers or stakeholders

Effective communication skills is usually required for team lead or software architect or senior computer programming positions

Computer Programmers who usually start the early phase of their career improving technical skills need to balance or round-up their skills by also improving their communication skills

Leadership Skills Training for Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers working on enterprise software development projects or coding projects involving several other programmers, database analysts, business analysts, etc. need to improve their leadership skills to prevent project failures

Sometimes decision makers, stakeholders or team members need to be influenced, persuaded or lead towards adopting better technology faster.

Unfortunately, Computer Programmers who tend to be at the forefront of new technology are less sucessful at getting their employers to invest on these new technologies because they lack critical leadership skills

Time Management Skills Training for Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers tend to prefer working on coding project at a time or one section of code at a time because of the concentration or mental effort required to write code

Business Analysts, Data Analysts and especially Project Managers on the other hand are used to working on multiple projects at the same time

Computer Programmers who want to move into senior programming positions need to improve time management skills because their managers would require them to support multiple coders or work on multiple software projects at the same time

Presentation Skills Training for Computer Programmers

Good written or verbal communication skills is not quite the same thing as good presentation skills

Computer Programmers who write or speak well may shy away from speaking or presenting before groups of peers, customers, managers, decision makers, C-Level executives, etc.

Weak presentation skills need to be overcome by computer programmers advancing to senior, leadership, mentoring or coaching positions because strong presentation skills are needed to communicate ideas effectively at tha level

Inter-Personal / Team Skills for Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers working on enterprise or large software development projects need good inter-personal skilles to get along with other team members

Improved or effective inter-personal skills are required because the computer programmer has to interface with other computer programmers, business analysts, project managers, network administrators or customers

Computer programmers working on enterprise projects have to get along with other team members responsible for each milestore or feature or phase of the project.

How to Get Free Soft Skills or Inter-Personal Training

I recommend that computer programmers interested in improving their presentation, communication or inter-personal skills should join Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

Toastmasters International is headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and the organization has nearly 250,000 members in over 12,000 clubs in 106 countries. … in other words, you already have a Toastmasters International club you can join in your city!

In the USA, Toastmasters International Membership Fees are about $25 every six months … in other words negligible.

Toastmasters International is a great place for developing critical leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills or inter-personal skills in a non-threatening, professional environment.

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