What Is The Challenge Facing Your Career?

Ask a Burning Question
Ask a Burning Question

Dear Friend,

What is the “Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career Right Now“?

Your toughest challenge may be about how to get a business analyst job or how to improve your computer programming skills or how to become a database developer

Perhaps your challenge is about how to move out of a dead-endbusiness analyst or computer programming or database developer career. Whatever they are, go ahead and ask your question and I will answer it for you.

Post your issues, questions or challenges as a comment at the bottom of this post and I would be glad to answer it for you. I may answer it by writing a new article that addresses your concern or by posting a comprehensive reply to your comment.

If your question or issue or challenge is a pressing private issue … I may also answer it without posting your contact information or any publicly identifiable information

Ask a Burning Career Question On:

  • How to Transition into a Business Analyst or Computer Programming Career

  • How to Gain Real-World Business Analysis or Data Analysis Hands-On Experience

  • How to Secure your Career By Performing On The Job

  • How to Improve Your IT Skills, Get Cutting Edge Experience or Get an In-Depth Knowledge

  • How to Become a Freelance IT Business Analyst or Database Analyst Consultant

  • How to Survive a Layoff Financially

  • How to Start Earning Real Money Without an IT Job

  • How to Improve Your Resume or Your Interview Skills

  • How to Improve Your Networking Skills or Become a Sought After IT Consultant

I want to take care of the concerns or challenges facing your career, so go right away and post your burning question using the Comment Form below:

Thank You

2 Responses to "What Is The Challenge Facing Your Career?"

  1. Srikanth   May 20, 2009 at 9:25 am


    I have a question on “How to report to your boss on a daily basis?”

    What are all the activities in a typical IT Business analyst job that one would report to his boss.


  2. Mag   May 20, 2009 at 9:22 am

    I have studied as programmer at a College and would like to know the skills to become a database administrator.

    My next challenge is to know how to move from a secretarial position that I have been serving for 20 years to an IT position.


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