How To Become a Database Developer

Top Paying Skills in High Demand
Top Paying Skills in High Demand
Employment Prospects for Database Developers

Database Developers are in-demand in the healthcare, telecommunications, financial, manufacturing industries or in firms where data needs to be stored, retrieved or maintained.

  • Database developers work with data analysts while importing data from legacy systems into new database structures.

  • Database developers work with report developers in designing and reporting on data and business trends.

  • Database developers work with system architects or software developers in defining data storage, retrieval or archival systems for business software application needs.

Because many software applications and most businesses are connected to the internet, an increasing number of database developers are needed to handle the growing volume of web usage data or transactional data generated by internet or e-commerce busineses.

Because of the pivotal role of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) electronic commerce, there is an increased demand for database developers who can build mission critical, high performing, reliable, scalable databases for retail, service, marketing, sales and other business operations

Database Developer Salary Requirements

Even in a period of economic recession the pay band for database developers goes from $73,500 to $103,000 according to Robert Half Technology. Another survey cites the average salary for a skilled database developer as $84,000 (EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS). Click here to see the average database developer salary in the United States.

Database Developer Skill Requirements

There are several types of databases in the market and each requires a specific set of database design and development skills. However relational database design and development skills are the sought after database design and developement skills.

Here are some of the skills needed to become a relational database developer:

  1. Logical Database Design Skills

  2. Physical Database Design Skills

  3. SQL Data Definition Skills (DDL)

  4. SQL Data Manipulation Skills (DML)

  5. Entity-Relationship (ER) Modeling Skills

  6. Indexing, Performance Tuning and Optimization Skills

  7. Strong SQL / Data Analysis Skills

Click here to get a comprehensive list of the topics a relational database developer needs to learn or study

How Portable are Database Development Skills

A database developer with a solid understanding of relational database design development skills and strong SQL skills can work with databases from a wide variety of vendors and database platforms.

Some of the more popular database development platforms that skilled and in-demand database developers may end up working with include:

  1. Microsoft Access

  2. Microsoft SQL Server

  3. MySQL

  4. Oracle

  5. Sybase

  6. IBM DB2

Note: A database developer does not need to get trained in every popular database platform in the market because relational database design and SQL has been standardized to a good degree.

Given a sound understanding or training in relational database design or development and SQL, the database developer can pick up the rest of the skills needed for each database platform while working with it.

So, given that a database developer already knows SQL Server or Transact SQL (T-SQL) and is then presented with a Microsoft Access Database Design & Development project or a MySQL Database Design & Development project, the database developer should be able to apply the same set of logical database design skills and standardized SQL skills to these database platforms while learning the nuances or flavors of Microsoft Access SQL (Access SQL) or MySQL specific SQL

Studying or Learning to Become a Database Developer

Database Developers need to learn or study the Relational Database Design process, the SQL Data Definition Language (DDL), the SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) and the Database Development process for a specific relational database management system.

The database developer’s educational requirements are covered in the SQL Boot Camp. The SQL Boot Camp is an online, web-based educational training program for database developers who want to learn or study database development. SQL Boot Camp includes an extensive set of:

  1. Hands-on SQL Training Videos + Relational Database Design Videos taught by SQL Course Instructors

  2. SQL Practice Tests or SQL Job Interview Quizzes that you can use to ace database developer job interviews or improve your retention or understanding of the SQL training videos

  3. Hands-On Database Design & Development Projects assigned, reviewed and graded by your SQL Course Instructors

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