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How To Ace Job Interviews Using Practice Tests
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I discovered the power of practice tests in 1999 after I aced a job interview test with a score in the mid-nineties and got hired fast!

Over the next few months, I mastered how to boost my skills rapidly using the technique that I will share with you in the rest of this article.

Research has shown that practice tests or quizzes improve your retention, recall or understanding.

Research that studies how people learn skills effectively also demonstrates that students who study and take quizzes have better long-term recall than their colleagues who study without taking quizzes.

Perhaps, you have been using practice tests only when preparing for certification exams.

However, practice tests are useful for much more than that.

Quizzes have proven effective for improving IT skills, retention, recall of information and for acing technical job interviews!

That is why we use the Quiz Module in our online, video-based training programs to sharpen the skills, improve memory, retention, recall and understanding of our students after they watch our training videos.

We've also incorporated a practice testing software into the Business Analyst Book - Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Let's go ahead and review how you may used practice tests to improve your skills or advance your IT career or get an IT job.

Use Quizzes to Ace IT Job Interviews Or Get An IT Job:

The more effective preparation for IT job interviews includes using quizzes or practice tests to ask Single Choice, Multiple Choice or Essay Type interview questions.

This technique is effective for acing IT job interviews because the Quiz software presents the questions to you, rates your answers as correct or incorrect and then displays the correct answer for feedback or correction

Quizzes or practice tests are also effective for acing job interviews because they closely mimic the question and answer format of IT job interviews.

In IT job interviews, the interviewer asks a questions and then reviews your answer for correctness, promptness of reply and comprehensiveness. Not displaying these three traits are among the top reasons why IT workers fail to ace their job interviews. The interviewer rated their answers and felt that they where wrong (correctness), slow in coming, (promptness) or not detailed enough (comprehensiveness).

The good news is that our online video-based training programs include a Quiz Module which helps students prepare for job interviews at no additional costs.

The Quiz Module asks technical questions in a random order, rates the answer to Single Choice, Multiple Choice or Essay Type Questions, presents the correct answer with an explanation and then grades the student for the entire quiz.

Use Quizzes to Sharpen Your IT Skills Or Advance Your Career:

The other major benefit of using practice tests or quizzes in our online training programs, is that practice tests actually improve your ability to remember, recall or understand the information you gain from watching our training videos.

Repetition in training is the key to skill mastery. To master any new skill you repeat the same set of tasks multiple times until it sinks in and becomes second nature ... and that is exactly what our Quiz modules does for you!

At designated periods in your online, video training program, you will get an invitation to take a Quiz for a number of days.

While taking the quiz, you will be presented with a number of questions or scenarios repeatedly until the learning concept becomes second nature.

This feature ... only available at select Quiz training programs ... is included with your online, video-based training boot camps at no additional cost!

So, if you are looking for a scientific way to boost your career or advance your skills or ace your job interviews, get our online, video-based training courses or web-based training courses now.


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