What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?

Ask a Burning Question
Ask a Burning Question

Dear Friend,

What is the “Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career Right Now“?

Your challenge may be about how to get a job or how to improve your skills or how to get promoted on the job

Perhaps your challenge is about how to transition out of or into a business analyst or computer programming or database developer career. Whatever they are, go ahead and post your comment and we will deal with them for you.

Post your challenging issues as a comment on this post and I would be glad to answer it for you. I may answer it by writing a new article that addresses your concern or by posting a comprehensive reply to your comment

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  • How to Gain Real-World IT Experience

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  • How to Advance Your IT Career, Move Up the Ladder or Get a Promotion

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  • How to Shorten Your Learning Curve with Mentoring & Coaching

  • How to Learn the Hottest Information Technology (IT) Skills

  • How to Shorten Your Job Search, Ace Your Technical Interviews or Get Hired Fast

The concerns or challenges facing you are important to me, so go right away and post your question as a comment below:

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22 Responses to "What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?"

  1. Kingsley Tagbo   April 17, 2009 at 7:48 am


    Software Development positions are still in demand in the current market and you can definitely get an entry level computer programming job without going back to college.

    The Software Development industry is a performance driven, skill-intensive, talent hungry industry. Microsoft Copr. was in the news a couple of days ago for making a case for H-1B Visas to the government.

    Why H-1B Visas you may ask?

    Well, a good number of software development positions are unfilled every year.

    There are still more jobs than there are computer programmers … if you doubt my assertion, go to Dice, Monster or CareerBuilder and you will be amazed at the number of Software Development positions still posted.

    So, comapnies have to hire for these positions by sourcing for talented professionls from all over the world.

    If you have the right skills, you can pretty much find work in any of the States, Canada or Great Britain.

    Success in computer programming depends on your practical expertise and that is what we focus on in “The Computer Programmer Book – The Street Smart Guide to High Paying Computer Programmer Careers” and in the “Software Developer Boot Camp”.

    Thank you


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