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IT Managers Hiring Broader Range Of Skills

As hiring managers are cutting costs and reducing staff size they are also hiring hiring professionals with a broader range of skills

As workers are laid off, the lucky ones left behind are asked to work longer hours or work on a broader range of tasks

IT Managers are now hiring for a broader range of skill sets. Business Analysts are being asked to perform light programming jobs and software developers are being asked to perform light business analysis tasks

As the job market gets more competitive, IT Managers are hiring workers who have the mindset, training and inclination to work on a broader range of tasks. Gone are the days when it was okay to say "I can only do this" or "please, don't make me do that". Nowadays if you are asked to work on a task that is not aligned with your core competency ... it may better to do the job or get trained on how to do it!

Business Analysts With Programming Skills Wanted!

IT Managers are hiring for business analysts with light computer programming skills

Business analysts are not expected to learn the full suite of programming languages that software developers need. They are expected to LEARN LIGHT PROGRAMMING SKILLS including HTML, XHTML, CSS, SQL, Data Analysis or Reporting

Business Analysts who've learnt a range of light programming skills in addition to the traditional, business analysis skills will find that they are more marketable. These business analysts will also be able to match a wider range of candidate profiles sought by an increasing number of hiring managers. One thing is for sure, showing your IT manager that you are willing or flexible enough to accept assignments outside your core competencies will help you get hired or keep your current job

Should Computer Programmers Learn Business Analysis?

Computer Programmers also need to be ready in today's job market to acquire a broader range of skills in other to get hired or retain their jobs.

Computer programmers need to be ready to have or demonstrate LIGHT BUSINESS ANALYSIS SKILLS including UML, Use Cases or Requirements Analysis skills.

Because firms are cutting costs, computer programmers should also expect to start seeing more traditional data analysis or reporting tasks assigned to them.

What Extra Skills Are You Getting?

Business analysts are reporting an increase in the number of job postings requiring light programming skills in-addition to the core business analysis skills

Industry wide, there is an increasing trend to cut costs and retain tech workers who have a broader range of software development (project management, data analysis, business analysis, computer programming) skills.

What about you? Do you plan to learn any new skill or stay competitive in today's job market?


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