How To Land A Good Tech Job


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Is College Education Enough?

College is part of the preparation for the real-world, but if you read my past articles, you will see me say often that college is not real-life.

What Are The Critical Tech Skills

There are two critical skills needed to succeed in today’s Information Technology (IT) Job Market:

  1. Your Technical skills

  2. Your Marketing skills

Let’s look at these skills in detail:


You need to learn technical skills that are in high-demand by hiring managers. It is not enough to like your skills or to be good at what you do! You need to be passionate about, like or learn tech skills that are in high demand by hiring managers. It may not be apparent to you that you need to update your current skills while you still have a job. But what happens when you lose your job and can’t get job interviews?

Here is a reality check: If you are very good at what you do and you lose your job and can’t find interviews … then your skills are not in demand and you need to re-invent your career.


Some tech professionals are very good at what they do and they may even have technical skills that are in high demand but they committ the sin of not marketing their skills, resume or profile.

To succeed in the current tech Job Market, you need to start looking at yourself as a business. A business sees marketing as a core vital activity that needs to be performed on a daily basis.

So change your strategy from marketing your resume when you are out of work to marketing your profile at every opportunity!

What I have said so far is the background or prelude to what I am about to say next:



    I would say that you start updating your skills by learning and becoming an expert at SQL and Relational Databases. I recommend SQL because you can learn or master it in a shorter time than the other skills like business analysis or computer programming or data analysis or software testing or computer networking skills.

    Also by mastering SQL, you have access into other professions including “Data Analysis” or “Business Analysis” or “Computer Programming”. The way it works is that if you are an expert at one thing, then you have proven that you can be an expert at other jobs if given the chance.


    Look into mastering HTML, CSS and some web development after you master SQL and then choose a specific software development career path … along the lines of “Data Analysis” or “Business Analysis” or “Computer Programming”

Whatever skills or career you pursue, remember that:

You need to master a skill that is in high demand

You need to market your skills intensively. Don’t assume that your technical mastery alone is enough to get you a job, go sell yourself to hiring managers

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  1. Ebraim   August 3, 2009 at 6:10 am

    What exactly do you do, what subjects, certificates are regarded essential in todays IT industry, specifically yhe networking sector?

  2. Parag   February 8, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Kinglsey, i think I should have posted my comment on networking over here. Sorry.:-( I do feel a lot of networking pros need guidance and I do remember you mentioning you used to work in computer networking.


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