How to Get an Entry Level Business Analyst Job Part 2

Entry Level Business Analyst Job
Entry Level Business Analyst Job

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Once you’ve determined that Business Analysis is your dream job your next steps will be to get trained, get networked and get your entry level business analyst job.

SigningUp For The Business Analyst Boot Camp

The next thing you will need to achieve your goal of becoming a business analyst and at the minimum, getting an entry level job, is to get trained.

The business analyst profession requires a wide range of soft skills, technical skills, analysis skills and a good business understanding.

Even when you do have these, your learning will be continuous throughout your career.

To be successful and not just having business analysis as a pipe dream, you want to get a good jumpstart on gaining your skills.

For this, we recommend the business analyst boot camp to get you started immediately on becoming a business analyst.

Why the e business analyst boot camp training? For one, boot camp style training helps you master the basics of business analysis in a short period of time and gets you coasting in your learning quickly.

In the e business analyst boot camp, even when you are not particularly good at something initially, you will be able to learn it and pick it up fast.

The e business analyst boot camp uses rapid learning techniques with the goal of helping you achieve mastery sooner rather than later.

The Business Analyst Boot Camp is an online Business Analyst learning system that trains you with the expectation that you’re eventually going to become an expert business analyst, however long that will take.

Becoming Skilled In Business Analysis

The Business Analyst puts you in the position of a top professional in training whose goal is to master the basics first and quickly.

The e Business Analyst Boot Camp is a 24-week program, so you can expect that in six months or less, you can set out to get your entry level business analyst job.

Start Networking For Business Analyst Jobs

Now that you’ve established that you really do want to become a Business Analyst, and you are now in training to master the basics of the Business Analysis profession, you need to begin to network and meet people in the Business Analysis industry.

When you hang out with people in a particular industry, you pick up on the news, opportunities and breakthroughs in that industry.

Look for your local chapter of the IIBA and join it.

Search for blogs and websites (like this one) that discuss the Business Analyst profession.

Make out time to read these sites and participate in the discussions.

Use Social Media to network. Join LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and join up with other Business Analysts.

Seek out mentors and coaches. Ask questions and get answers. In this regards, the business analyst boot camp includes on-going one on one coaching as well.

Create a professional profile that shows your desire to become a business analyst.

Avoid spending all your time in social media on personal stuff. Get the word out about where you’re going instead of where you’ve been.

Start Searching For Business Analyst Jobs

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for that first entry-level job, it’s time to go out and get that job. Get IT Job Search, Resume and Interview Coaching.

Upgrade your resume, search for entry level jobs online AND send in your resume. Prepare extensively for your interviews.

Because you are looking for an entry level job, you need to posture yourself as being a competent or highly skilled business analyst to overcome initial skepticism.

However, because of your boot camp training and industry networking, you are sure to exceed all of your new employer’s expectations during the interview.

Can You Work For Free?

The only problem with any entry level BA job is the entry level pay.

Don’t let that get you down. Look at that job as your ticket to the big leagues. Put your whole heart into it, so that you can learn everything possible.

In order to grow, you will need to work harder and continually improve your skills and learning so that you quickly outgrow that junior level BA position and move into a mid-level or eventually a senior level Business Analyst job.

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