How To Get An Entry Level Business Analyst Job Part 1

Entry Level Business Analyst Job
Entry Level Business Analyst Job

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What should you do when you decide you want to become an IT Business Analyst?

You may have been a software developer, data analyst or even someone who has never worked in the Information Technology industry at all.

Perhaps you have an MBA or other business degree, but you have an interest in technology and you think IT Business Analysis is something you’d like to try your hand at.

Here are the steps that you can take from where you are to becoming a business analyst without taking a lifetime to switch your career.

First, Determine That Business Analysis is Your Dream Job

The first step is to make an informed decision that Business Analysis is your dream job. Ask yourself why you want to become a business analyst.

What is it about the career that you like?

What are the personal traits that you will be free to express as a business analyst?

Don’t choose to become a business analyst because of the money or the lack thereof.

Some people never go after their dream job because they think it won’t make them wealthy.

Being fulfilled in your career and fairly comfortable financially is much better than being wealthy and unhappy.

In addition, when you pursue a career that is in alignment with your passions, values and personal goals, you are more likely to become financially secure.

Going for your dream will require your commitment and investment of time and money, so you need to be sure that you are ready financially and mentally to pay the price.

If you are thinking about becoming a business analyst, evaluate the characteristics and skills that are necessary for being a good one.

You can always get training for your technical skills, but here are a few personal traits and skills to consider:

  • A good business analyst is good at and enjoys communicating.

  • You’ll need to be organized and able to manage large amounts of input and information coming to you from lots of different sources.

  • Are you curious and flexible? Do you enjoy learning new things on a continuous basis?

  • Do you handle conflict well? Can you be calm when others are not?

  • Can you handle conflict on behalf of others? On the job as a business analyst, you will have to be arbitrator, negotiator and peacemaker all rolled into one.

  • Are you willing to learn new technical skills such as gaining a good understanding of the software development process?

  • Do you enjoy learning new business concepts?

  • Do you enjoy research?

  • Can you help people understand new concepts? If they don’t understand it one way, do you have the skills to reword your explanation?

Take Action Now

Once you’ve decided that Business Analysis is the dream job for you, you need to laser-focus your time and energy and give everything you have to achieve your goal.

To achieve success in any endeavor, you have to apply effort and hard work.

Business Analysis is no different.

The role of the business analyst is not an “easy” IT job

It requires skill and dedication to do a good job.

Be prepared to stay the course and don’t bail out too soon.

Be patient and hang in there and you will be amazed at the results.

Stop talking about become a business analyst someday and begin to work on your dream now. Just start taking lots of action.

Take your dream out of Never Land and make it concrete by setting a timeline for your goal.

Create timeline for your goal. A goal without a deadline is just a castle in the air.

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    How much a business analyst earn in india or in abroad?

    • IT Career Coach   June 5, 2010 at 3:04 pm


      I suggest that you use for a more accurate answer to that question 🙂


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