How Effective Is Class Room Training Or E-Learning

E-Learning: AnyTime + AnyPlace + AnyWhere
E-Learning: AnyTime + AnyPlace + AnyWhere

You always want to make sure that the training programs your attend match your career interests and aspirations, right? … so pay close attention to what I am about to say next.

Effectiveness of Traditional Class Room Training

Late last year I was mentoring, coaching and training a software development team. One of the members of the team had paid more than $6,000 (Six Thousand USD) for a class-room based training & certification program.

To fund the training which required an upfront, full payment, he raided his savings account and took on additional debt.

He would typically drive to the training vendor’s location 3 times a week, in the evenings and on weekends. He would then be assigned a computer and training manuals. Most of the times there was either no instructor present or there was no student to instructor interaction!

The good news is that he got his certification alright, after about 6 months of rigorous study. When I was hired to coach and mentor the team, his IT Director complained to me that that he was the least effective team member on the job in-spite of his training and certification!

To his credit, I would say that he was driven to learn and succeed … and he would have been doing better in his career, if someone had mentored him more effectively. Well, in spite of the fact that he was more certified and more trained (via the traditional class-room trainers), he was still the least paid and least regarded person in the office!

The problem is that some of the traditional class-room training and certification programs that abound … only help students pass their certifications … but that is not what managers really care about. Managers care more about your ability to solve business problems fast, effectively and efficiently than on the type of training or certifications you acquire!

Performance Enhancing Training

I interact with a lot of IT professionals who have the right degrees or professional certifications or attended expensive training and certification programs and still can’t perform on the job!

That is what my training focuses on … practical real-world skills … personal mentoring … access to a wealth of experience … relevant and comprehensive job-focused training curriculum! I only focus on what works and I drop all the garbage being taught in traditional class-room training that bears no relevance to your manager’s expectations and needs!

I only focus on “hot / in-demand skills” and I do not waste my time or yours chasing down the rabbit trails of obscure training courses, which only serve to bloat up the training curriculum but do not improve your on the job knowledge, skills and performance … need I say more?

Beginner To Expert Training

“If you are apply and are accepted”, The Boot Camp Training programs will walk you from beginner to competent or highly-skilled in all the course offerings. Our Course Instructors will do their part in teaching you with Video, Quizzes, Assignments, One-On-One Direct Mentoring and other e-learning tools … the question for you is … “will you invest in your career, skills and personal success?”

How Long Is The Boot Camp Training?

Presently the SQL Boot Camp Training takes 16 weeks, the Business Analyst Boot Camp Training is 24 weeks and the Software Developer Boot Camp Training is 24 weeks. … here is a secret … for a limited time we are including the SQL Boot Camp free with the Software Developer Boot Camp!

Who Attends An IT Professional Boot Camp?

The IT Professional Boot Camp training programs is used both my IT Professionals who have a job and are looking to improve their skills and take their career to the next level as well as those who are unemployed and are in the market for a new job.

The Cost Of IT Professional Training

The training costs change from time to time. The best way to assess the cost for your training is to request for more information from the Boot Camp Training you are interested in. You may Click Here For More Information On Training & E-Books

You may take advantage of the Early Bird Registration Discounts available for the Boot Camp Training Programs. Either way the cost of the web-based Boot Camp Training is guaranteed to be a fraction of the cost of traditional class-room training programs.

I wish you a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday

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