How To Get A Business Analyst Job Easily

Looking for a new business analyst job can be intimidating whether you are a seasoned business analyst looking for a challenging business analyst position or you are applying for entry-level business analyst positions.

If you do not handle your business analyst job search correctly, you may be passed over for positions that you are really qualified for or your resume may never get to the desk of the hiring managers or you may get discouraged by the lack of interest in your resume from potential employers.

Whatever your situation, what I am about to say next may help you find your ideal business analyst job quickly, fast track your business analyst career or help you become a star player in the business analyst industry, so, pay attention!

Your Cover Letter Is Key To Landing The Next Business Analyst Job

The cover letter you include with your resume is the first thing about you that will be read, noticed and analyzed by potential recruiters, employers and hiring managers.

Some job seekers assume that their job search starts with their resume or the business analyst job interview. Boy, are they so wrong! The process of actively soliciting a business analyst job actually starts with the cover letter and here is why:

Before you are scheduled for an interview or have your resume read by a hiring manager, the cover letter attached to your resume has to be read first. Whether you send in your resume by email, fax or snail mail, you have to include a cover letter with your job solicitation or application.

Now human resource departments receive a good number of resumes for any business analyst job position that they post and because of it, they will review your cover letter and only proceed to read the rest of your resume if your cover letter draws them in. This is exactly the reason why you must prepare a really good cover letter for your next business analyst job search.

The way hiring managers or staffing firms handle business analyst job seekers is similar to the way you search for information on the internet.

Typically when you search for information on the internet, you end your information search as soon as you find a high quality site that provides all the answers you are looking for. You will probably quickly narrow your focus to a few websites out of the several websites listed on the search results page. Now, picture a potential employer sifting through a pile of resumes in their inbox or mail folder. They will quickly also select few resumes out of the pile of resumes available based on the cover letter attached to the resume.

So, do not make the mistake of neglecting your cover letter or focusing all of your attention on your resume, give it the attention it deserves!

Your Cover Letter Says A Lot About Who You Are

Your cover letter should be a brief but convincing sales letter. It should present and qualify you as the best candidate for the business analyst job opening. At IT-Career-Coach.COM, I hear from a lot of people who complain that the never seem to get interviews or calls from recruiters and hiring managers. What is often missing is for these job candidates is a cover letter that sets them apart!

Make sure you highlight your best qualities, because the Law of First Impressions Still Holds! So, write a cover a letter that does a great job of convincing your potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job posting. Mention specific business analyst training, business analyst courses or business analyst classes you have attended. Mention any major results, key assignments and business analyst roles that you have been responsible for in your current or previous business analyst jobs.

Remember, that this is not a time for you to be shy, but a time to showcase your best business analyst skills, talents, training or on-the-job performance.

How To Write An Awesome Business Analyst Cover Letter!

You have decided to apply for a business analyst job posting and you have read the rest of this article, so you are ready to write a cover letter that makes your resume stand out.

Here is what you must do. Read the job description and then use your cover letter to position you for the business analyst job opening. If the job opening is for a Business Analyst with Agile Methodology experience, mention that. If the resume requires Rational Unified Process (RUP) experience, mention that or else mention that you have Rational Unified Process (RUP) Training.

List the key, measurable business results you have been principal to achieving. List all UML Training, Agile Training, Use Case Training, Requirements Analysis Training, skills and job experience. Mention any Fortune 500 corporations, business consulting experience, or experience in any industry aligned with that of your potential employer.

Finally, make sure your cover letter matches your key business analysis skills, training, certifications or job experience with the qualifications or requirements of the business analyst job posting.

Does Your Cover Letter Grab The Attention Of Hiring Managers?

If you have followed all the guidelines in this article, by now you should had a reasonably good cover letter. However the road from good to great is paved with good intentions. So, you need to make sure that your business analyst cover letter actually stands out!

You can achieve this the hard way by sending out your cover letter when you apply for a job and then sitting back to wait and hope that it is better than cover letters from other candidates who applied for the same business analyst job or you may do it the smart way. I prefer the earlier, easier, smarter reality check. Usually this begins by asking a business analyst coach, trainer or mentor to review your cover letter. Or by asking for specific feedback when you send your cover letter in with your resume.

Whatever, you do, don’t assume that your cover letter is good enough, verify it!

How To Format A Business Analyst Job Search Cover Letter

When writing your business analyst job search cover letter stay close to the straight and narrow path in formatting the letter.

Use normal business conventions in the opening paragraph, when addressing the business analyst job position, and in the closing paragraph of your cover letter. This will apply to cover letters that you send to business analyst job postings by email, fax, snail mail or business analyst jobs posted on job boards like,, etc.

Be courteous and business-like. Formality will not take away from you if you have something interesting to say, so keep the cover letter short by being focused and getting straight to the point. The entire cover letter should not be more than four paragraphs. Avoid starting out with “to whom it may concern.”, that is old school 🙂 If possible, you should use the name of the recruiting manager mentioned in the business analyst job posting. Do not use slang, cute phrases, emoticons or graphics.

Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Use a spell-checker and if possible, get a friend or mentor to proof-read the cover letter before you send it out.

Finally, remember that your cover letter presents you with an opportunity to get your ideal business analyst job. It is your opportunity to connect with and capture the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention, tell your professional story and stand out from the crowd. It may take hard work to create great business analyst cover letter, but it is worth the effort, when you land that great business analyst job while others wonder why they are not as lucky as you.

I wish you success with your business analyst job search.

To Your Career,

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