Database Design Courses

The training courses at SQL Boot Camp is for data analysts, report
writers, SQL developers, business analysts, computer programmers and database
developers who want to improve their SQL or database skills .

Hands-On Training

The SQL training courses are a combination of hands-on, practical training
combined with real world projects.

Step By Step Training Courses

You study step by step the concepts you need to master to design efficient,
enterprise scalable relational databases at your own pace, schedule
and time and from the comfort
of your home or office.

Database Design Training Curriculum

Here are some of the topics covered in the database design training class:

How to use Keys and Indexes in relational databases.

How to establish Foreign Keys, Alternate Keys, Primary Keys, Candidate Keys and
Composite Keys.

How to use Tables, Records, Columns and Views.

How to use One-to-One Relationships, One-to-Many Relationships and Many-to-Many

How to establish Referential Integrity, Cascade Update Rules and Cascade Delete
rules or constraints.

How to use the First Normal Form, Second Normal Form or Third Normal Form in a
database design session.

How to use or follow Field Naming Guidelines.

How to resolve Multivalue Fields or Multipart Fields during the database design

How to identify the Domains, Entities, Data or Relationships in a database
design session.

How to establish Domain Integrity, Entity Integrity, Data Integrity or
Referential Integrity in a database design session.

Please note that presently, the training courses at
SQL Boot Camp include SQL Development
, Database Design Courses and Database Development Courses.
This topics listed above are taken from the database design course only.

If you are interested in improving your SQL programming, SQL querying, database
design, database development, data analysis, business analysis or software
development technical skills, register for a class on
SQL Boot Camp

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