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post deals with "how to get your
employer to pay for your computer programming courses
" and I want to answer
that question in detail on this post.

Let me start by asking you "have you ever thought of asking your employer or
manager to pay for your professional training at

the software developer boot

Yes, you can ask your employer to pay for any of our online training courses.
After you complete your training, you can present your certificate of
or transcript to your human resources (HR) department or
your IT manager and get reimbursed depending on your employer's benefit program.
To get started now all you have to do is ask your employer if you can get
reimbursed for job related training.

Why Would Your Employer Pay For Your Training?

Here is why your employer may want to pay for your computer programming
training. Your employer or manager would pay for your technical training or
reimburse you for it, if you can make a good case for it. I will help develop
the case for you and you can adapt it as you want and present it to your
employer for feedback.

1. Job Related Training

If you are an IT professional, the technical training we provide to you
is job related and your IT manager or HR department would classify it as a job
related training.

The software developer boot camp
is a professional level software developer training class covering the
programming language skills a professional software developer needs. Since your
IT manager has a training budget which needs to be spent before your 2008
training year is over, now is a really good time to have the discussion on "what
you want to be trained on and how much your training will cost your company

2. Professional Career Advancement

After you complete the software developer boot camp training, you get a
professional software developer certificate
which your IT manager will love
to stick in your file as proof that his or her employees are moving ahead with
their career.

You may not realize it, but, you actually make your IT manager or IT director
look good by taking professional software development courses. It proves that
your manager is hiring and working with capable, talented, motivated employees
and guess what, your professional software developer training also improves your
chances of getting a promotion or salary raise.

3. Scarcity Of Software Development Talent

The competition for software developers is high right now. It is by far easier
for your employer to either pay for your software development training or
reimburse you after you complete your training than to hire more software
development resources.

The cost of attending the professional software developers boot camp is
peanuts in comparing to the cost that would be incurred by your IT director, IT
manager or HR department by looking for or hiring additional software
development resources which can be as much as $150,000/yr. per additional
. In other words, you are saving your company a lot of money
by attending the software developer boot camp and the programming class is a
win-win for both you and your manager.

So now you know why your employer may want to pay for your software
development training
at the
software developer boot camp,
I hope you act on this information and not just sit on it!

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