Software Developer Mentoring Programme

Due to the requests for a payment plan on the
Software Developer
Mentoring Programme
, I am offering you two (2) payment plans for
a limited time.

Payment Plans

The Software Developer
Mentoring Programme
is $2,000.00 only.

1. Right now you can get a special 50% discount ($1,000), if you make a
payment of $1,000.00
2. Right now you can also get a special $400 discount, if you prefer to make
4 monthly
payments of $399.00

Software Developer Study Materials

You will need to order the books you will be using during the
Software Developer
Mentoring Programme

You will be covering a lot of programming topics during the software development
training programme so you need to budget an additional $300.00 for the textbooks
and study material you will be covering during your training programme.

Software Development Tools

You will not need to buy commercial software development tools during your

After your training and when you start developing enterprise software
applications for clients or employers you will have ample opportunity to buy
software development tools if they are not already provided by your employer or
clients. But for now, you don't need to buy any software development tools for
your training programme.

Discounts for Schools, Business and Non-Profit Organizations

There is a discount for high schools, non-profit organizations, corporations
sending more than 2 developers or groups of more than 2 people. If you fall into
any of these categories and would like to take advantage of the group discounts,
click here to contact me.

More Information on the Software Developer Mentoring Programme

Click here for more information
on the software developer training program or
click here to contact me directly
with questions about the software developer training program.

About The Author

My name is Kingsley Tagbo and I’m a technical expert living in Saint Louis,
Missouri. I write about the training, coaching, mentoring
and personal development of software development professionals including
business analysts, computer programmers, testers, project managers, web
designers, data analysts, report writers, software developers and other
information technology professionals .

My firm, Exacticity, performs software development consulting and training for
clients throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New
Zealand. If you are in need of software development consultants or training,
click here to get in touch with me.

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