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Popular Programming Languages

SQL is one of the most popular programming languages. SQL is a programming language used to query or analyze data and develop databases. SQL is as widely successful as it is common in the software development industry. SQL is a language familiar to both geeks and the technically savvy business users or powers users as they are sometimes known.

Why Is SQL So Popular?

SQL is popular because it is the programming language used to manipulate relational databases. Relational databases are employed in practically every major business application, web development project or software application to store information.

So, computer programmers, software developers, web developers, data analysts, business analysts and database developers use SQL to retrieve or manage data corporate.

SQL and Database Skills

An understanding or mastery of SQL and relational databases are needed by database developers, data analysts, business analysts, computer programmers, web developers, software developers, database administrators, software testers and project management professionals.

SQL Developer Training / Database Developer Training

Our SQL developer classes for 2008 start on February 15 and we are open for enrollment from February 1. We are offering a substantial discount (more than 50%) if you register now for the online SQL or database training course now. The course fee you are getting today, is a specially discounted, limited time offer and you are not guaranteed the same price tomorrow! Note that the course fee only covers the tuition fee. You will be given a list of textbooks to order for the couse when you enroll.

Who Is The Database Developer Training For?

The database developer training is for data analysts, business analysts, software developers, computer programmers, helpdesk analysts, report developers, web developers and other professionals who want to learn or master SQL, database design, database development, data analysis, and report writing.

Data Analyst Training

The SQL training course includes “how to query databases using SQL“, “how to write both simple and complex queries“, “how to perform complex joins and subqueries” and more!

Report Writing Training

You will learn how to write reports for the data contained in relational databases.

Database Developer Training

You will learn how to normalize and design a database. You will be able to develop databases using enterprise database applications by the time you complete the training.

SQL Interview Training

You will be trained on the job interview questions and answers needed for a data analyst, report developer, database developer and SQL developer position.

How Will The SQL Training Be Done

The SQL training will be done online. This is a distance learning program, so your location or work schedule is not going to be a problem. We will walk you step-by-step through all the concepts you need to master. You will be working with the latest database development software programs … the same programs used by large organizations to store and manage millions of customers and their transactions. This is a 12 weeks online training program for the professionals who want to take their skills or career to the next level.

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