In Search Of A Mentor

Looking For a Mentor

In college I tried to learn C/C++ by Dennis Richie and Brian Kernighan. It was a sterile experience because even though I could flip the pages of the book, I couldn’t make any sense out of it. What I really needed was a personal trainer or mentor who could work me through the book and show me how to build software applications using C/C++ because I learn better by doing than just reading.

I couldn’t get anyone’s attention not to talk of getting them to teach me how to develop software applications. Everyone I knew was busy writing programs and nobody wanted to stop and teach others what they knew.

This Story Has A Happy Ending 🙂

After college I stumbled upon programming languages like Clipper and Foxpro. However, I still couldn’t make much sense of them. I couldn’t figure out what books to read, how to structure my learning so that I was not overwhelmed, what to do with all those crazy error messages that seemed to pop-up when you compile a program. I was so out-of-it, like a fish swimming in a dead sea!

I couldn’t really go back to college to learn computer science, because I just invested a good number of years getting a degree in engineering. I couldn’t get an entry-level programming job because I had no clue what programming was about and nobody would pay me to learn on the job. I couldn’t pass an entry-level programming test and I didn’t seem to be able to study the books on my own! What was I to do?

I got an entry-level systems analyst/business analyst job that involved marketing for an Information Technology consulting firm. The idea was that since I couldn’t develop software applications, I could at least earn my pay and make myself useful with doing analytical and sales type of work.

Mentored By Peers:

Then I started interacting with senior level database developers, technical trainers, network engineers and all manners of software development professionals. That is when my career turned around.

You see, by hanging around folks that where way ahead of me, I started understanding better, started making the connections that are so important for learning to happen, I started to see the light. I did get some level of peer mentoring but more importantly, I noted what these senior level software development professionals where doing, what books they were studying, how often they study, what software programs they study and even what trade magazines or technical publications they read.

Make A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill:

Whatever I had lacked all the years I was searching for a mentor, I made up within a year by studying hard, working hard, and pushing myself to go the extra mile. I applied myself to every useful book, software program and project that I could learn from.

Some people say that making a mountain out of a mole hill is a bad thing, but I say that it really depends on your perspective and where you are in life.

If all you have in life is a mole hill, you had better make a mountain out of it or you will truly become poor and have nothing.

Give Me Distance Learning Please:

In those days, I longed for the opportunity to have someone guide me, mentor or train me on what I did not know. I wished that there was some kind of distance learning program that gave me the opportunity to ask a question about any aspect of my career and get an answer. Yes, the internet was available but was in use only by scientists and government agencies.

In those days, you couldn’t open a browser and type up “software developer coaching” and enroll for your training in minutes. If your major wasn’t in computer science and you wanted to be a computer programmer, your chances of becoming a professional software developer weren’t any good.

Opportunity Knocks:

So, now you know why I am so passionate about teaching others “how to write better software applications“. I am providing anyone who wants to learn or master software development including business analysts, project managers, software testers and computer programmers the opportunity to do so without regard to their location. My “software development” training affords everyone who wants to learn or master software development the opportunity to do so!

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It’s my heart’s passion and my work to see you succeed because I care!

To Your Career,

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach