How To Become A Computer Programmer – Ten Articles

Our blog readership has grown a lot and there are now a lot of new readers.

What I would like to do is to highlight some of the most significant articles or posts that has to do with “how to learn programming” or “how to become a computer programmer“.

1. The Secret Art of Writing Highly Effective Killer Resumes for Computer Programming Jobs

2. How to become a database developer

Almost every business software application depends on a database. This post gives you a concise, step-by-step plan for becoming a database developer.

3. Count the cost first before diving into a computer programming career

This tutorial to guide you through the decision making process for evaluating whether you are suited for a career in software development.

4. Why do some IT professionals take years to transition to a career in computer programming while others take as little as 1 to 3 months?

Read this post to get a clue:

5. Would you like to become a computer programmer, but find yourself unable to act because you feel you are too old to make the transition?

Well, this tutorial tells you why your fears are unfounded and why your age, sex, race, educational background cannot stop your programming career except if you are looking for an excuse 🙂

6. I wrote this tip for computer science students who need some guidance on how to prepare for the real world outside college

7. How many professional careers afford you the opportunity of earning six figures with only two (2) years of experience?

I know of only one! Read about it here:

8. Are you thinking of choosing or picking a programming language?

Read this guide first:

9. Do you want to know “how to find an entry-level programming job”?

Read this job search tutorial for entry level programmers:

10. How important is your resume to your IT career?

Read this story to find out:

I selected these posts from my personal writing on “how to become a computer programmer”. Read these posts and discover useful information for the “Novice”, “Beginner”, “Entry-Level” and “Professional” computer programmers.

To Your Career,

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach

5 Responses to "How To Become A Computer Programmer – Ten Articles"

  1. Balázs   December 5, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    I don’t know about you and about this site found by google.

    But I hope the best. I may get to the point if you don’t mind.

    1) No job, being student; faculty is IT, programming engineer. Knowledge of this field is briliant. Yet learning is quite difficult for me.

    They teach me little programming but much self-sufficiency. I think business life is about becoming independent, but I don’t like it.

    I could pay half of my earnings just for having a helping hand of a mentor who helps me half of every week becoming better in my field.

    Doing everything with a helping hand 2 times, after that doing it individually would be far better for me (instead of being pushed to “deep water” immediately)

    How to learn? How to finish my last courses and my thesis?

    How to get friends and cooperate as much as we can?

    How to provide optimism continuously?

    How to convince interlocutors that I am serious at aiming the top and being an expert of my field, but lack of passion for practicing pulls me back?

    I would like to evolve and I would like more free time. Brian Tracy says everyone can do it.

    King regards

    • IT Career Coach   December 5, 2010 at 9:20 pm


      Brian Tracy is right. Life is more fun than it seems and yes, you can evolve and have more leisure time and succeed at your career and here is how:

      #1; Life in college can be hard. Life in college does not prepare you well enough for the real-world.

      Yes, you should stop forking over your hard-earned dollars except if that is part of your college tuition.

      College is expensive enough … so you shouldn;t have to pay any more than you have to!

      #2: Don’t focus on your instructors. Some of them don’t really care about you because they have enough troubles of their own and some of them don’t get it … they don’t understand how the free market economy work and their theories don’t work in the real-world any way!

      Care about yourself. Are you really learning something? How can you become a better programmer? How can you match your skills to what employers are hiring for?

      These are the better things to care about because they are the things that determine your future … not your college professors!

      On the other hand, if you find a professor that you like or admire because they make sense, then you may care about them.

      Because you have to trust yourself and you will know when someone is really smart or when a lecturer gets it. If the lecturer gets it, he/she will often care about you because they understand the challenges that youi’re facing … which you have to overcome to make it in the real-world and they will want to help.

      Right now, you are learning so there may not be any free time. The free time will come later … so the best thing is that you’re just starting out and you have the chance to do it better.

      Here is one of the best things that you can do for your career … which will really help you:

      #1: Find out what the real-world wants and prepare to give it to them. The real world typically does not care about what you are learning in college. So, find out what these skills are and learn it as early as possible.

      #2: Get as much experience as you can and out that on your resume. It is this experience that will eventually open doors for you and not your college degree or your GPA. Get that handson experience and you will be able to get any job that you want!

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