Business Analyst Training Online

Would you be interested in getting additional business analyst training on how to get business analyst jobs or begin a business analyst career?

What I have in mind is a step-by-step online and email based business analyst training program that provides you with the opportunity to gain marketable business analyst career skills, real world experience and the courage to get your dream job.

The Business Analyst Internship Program

If you are wondering if this online business analyst training program is for you, here are some criteria for helping you decide:

1. You have gone to Grad School and can?t seem to get a reasonable entry level business analyst position.

2. You have not gone to grad school but have completed a business analyst training program, course, class or certification process. Yet you are unable to attract business analyst job offers and you can?t seem to figure out what you are doing wrong.

3. You are caught in the classic chicken or egg problem. You can?t get a business analyst job because you don?t have enough real world experience and you can?t get enough real world experience because you don?t have a business analyst job.

4. You own a copy of the business analyst book and you need some help with taking the actions needed to become a business analyst. Actions like learning the required business analyst skills or marketing your skills to potential employers.

5. You are a business analyst or a senior business analyst and you find it challenging to market your business analysis skills, resume and experience to hiring managers, recruiters or employers.

Bridging the Gap between Training and Experience for Business Analysts

Here is some additional information on how this business analyst training program will help you.

1. You will learn how to market your business analyst skills to recruiters, hiring managers and employers.

2. You will lean how to get the real world business analyst job experience which employers are looking for

3. You will learn how to bridge the gap between your business analyst training, certification, courses or education and the practical, real-world skills and experience wanted by employers

Online Business Analyst Training Course

Success has its price. To succeed in this business analyst training program you need you to make 3 commitments or promises to yourself before you proceed:

1. You will order a copy of the business analyst book and read it if you haven?t already done so. You will follow the plan outlined in the business analyst book and in this training program and not allow yourself to be distracted.

2. You will devote 2 hours a day, 5 days a week to the business training program. You will devote the time needed for your training to work so you don?t waste my valuable time or yours.

3. You will follow the step-by-step directions you receive during the business analyst training course. You will immediately take action with any instructions you receive and not let it sit on your computer?s hard drive collecting dust.

How to Sign Up for Online Business Analyst Career Training

Registration is currently free right now with a purchase of the business analyst book.

If you do not own a copy of the business analyst book get it here

Check your personal business analyst book download page for a new link to the business analyst training registration page.

If you ordered the business analyst book a while ago and you lost the download link, post a comment on this page with your name and email address and we will retrieve and email it back to you.

To Your Career,

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach

11 Responses to "Business Analyst Training Online"

  1. Pram   May 7, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Hi Kingsley…

    i have became a programmer for 6 years. and now i decided to move out to next level.
    do u think a business analyst can be my next career level…?
    and how can i learn to become a business analyst?



    • IT Career Coach   July 3, 2010 at 10:50 am

      #ba #businessanalyst #programmer Switching careers from Programming To Business Anakysis is not impossible.

      Here are the steps you can take;

      1.) Expand the scope of your present programming tasks by taking on more business analysis tasks.

      A good number of software development projects lack full-time business analysis resources. That is your gap or opportunity to become a business analyst.

      Here is what you need to do:

      1. Gather and document the requirements for the projects. Volunteer to document the requirements for the projects.

      2. Use formal business analysis techniques to analyze and model the project.

      3. Review the requirements with stakeholders and become the one to lead the requirements elicitation documents.

      4. Bridge the gap between your programming team and your business team. Be the one to interpret the requirements to the developers or explain their concerns to stakeholders.

      5. Study, Train and Prepare to be the best informed business analyst on the team. Many software developers have fragmented / incomplete knowledge of what a business analyst does. For example, they may know Use Cases but not UML. Because of this, they will attempt to solve every modeling or analysis problem using Use Cases. By studying to become an expert business analyst, you can differentiate or explain the best uses of Use Cases vs. UML vs. Agile Requirements vs. User Stories.
      1.) Do this on a number of projects and become known in your company as the one who bridges the gap between the business team and the software development team.

      2.) When an opportunity for a full-time business analyst resource opens up in your company apply for the position and ask the same stakeholders that you have been working with to recommend you.

      3.) If an opportunity for a full-time business analyst position does not open up in your firm, document all the work that you have been doing and then apply for full-time business analyst positions at other companies.

  2. L.S. Robinson   March 10, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Hi Kingsley!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m still interested in the BA Internship so please re-send the link!

    Thanks and have a Great week,

    L.S. Robinson

  3. Kingsley Tagbo   March 4, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Hi L.S. Robinson,

    How are you today? I hope great.

    Please email me or leave a new comment in two (2) days time (after March 6, 2008) for the new link to the “Business Analyst Internship Online Training Program”


  4. lsrobinson   March 4, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Kingsley, I want to start by thanking you for your inspiration and providing the tools needed for individuals seeking to better their career even after they?ve spent thousands in formal education.

    Back in December I was interested in joining the BA Internship you were offering. I did receive the email directing me to the site but never saw a registration link. Unfortunately I had personal matters that pulled me away from my quest at that time but I would still very much like to join and commit myself. I have gone back to that email and the only link is the one directing to the home page for it-career-coach. Is it possible that you can resend the link?

    Again, Thanks for the tools you offer!
    L.S. Robinson

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  9. Kingsley Tagbo   December 17, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    L.S. Robinson, I have emailed you the online registration link for the “The Business Analyst Internship Training Program”.

    Please check your inbox.

  10. L.S. Robinson   December 17, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    can you please send me the online registration link b/c i really want to take advantage of this.


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