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In this post I will discuss why some people are affluent and successful in their careers while others seem to struggle with minimum wage or low paying jobs and despite their hard work, intelligence and personality can not earn enough money to pay their bills.

The reasons why people struggle with earning enough money to pay your bills and afford some of the nicer things of life include:

  1. Lack of a Top Paying, In-demand, Marketable Skill

  2. Lack of Focus and Inability to Follow a Proven Successful Plan

Lack of a Top Paying, In-demand, Marketable Skill

In high school you gain a lot of information. You learn useful subjects like math, chemistry, foreign languages, literature etc. In college, you also get more of the same type of education. The problem with this type of education is that you learn a lot of general information but not the type of problem solving skills that employers are paying top money for.

Think about this, when you need someone to repair the plumbing in your house, you get someone who has plumbing skills. When you need someone to treat you for an illness, you visit a medical doctor who has mastered the specific skill of diagnosing and treating people for their illness.

When you have a problem with the law, you hire a lawyer who has learnt how to argue cases in the law court. When you need to build a website or develop a software program that automates your business so that it can run without a lot of manual intervention, you hire a software developer who has learnt how to automate business processes by developing customized computer software applications.

However, people who are caught up in the minimum wage trap or who are stuck working low paying jobs are yet to learn a well-paying, marketable, in-demand problem solving skill regardless of their high school or college education.

When I was in high school, I excelled at my studies but could not trade-in my excellent high school grades for a good wage because they were not any good for solving real world business problems. For example, I could not solve any engineering problems or computer programming problems or sales and marketing problems because my skills were too general.

So, I attended college to learn chemical engineering which opened up a whole new world of manufacturing and production problems for me to solve. I also got an entry-level job in an information technology firm where I learnt how to sell and market information technology products.

I then traded in my information technology sales and marketing skills for computer programming skills and mastered how to develop software programs. All these skills helped me to find several high-paying, high-demand, fast-paced contract programming, software development, information technology and technology management jobs.

They point is that my career did not get going until after I applied myself to learning and mastering several high-demand, top-paying technical skills and marketing skills outside high school and outside college.

What I really discovered about myself in college was a strong desire to find my place in society and become useful to other people. I fulfilled my desires after college by becoming a computer programmer and starting my IT-Career-Coach.NET blog to help other people build successful software development careers.

So, the entry point of your successful well-paying career is to master valuable problem-solving skills that you are really passionate about.

Not Following a Proven Success Plan

In my role as an IT Career Coach, I run into people who are unsuccessful at finding a better paying career because they are following a poorly conceived plan. This usually happens whenever someone is sold on a particular career or a particular method of achieving a result without doing due diligence. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you are not a victim of poor advice:

  1. Does the person giving you the advice have a lot of recent successes in the same career or is the person advising from past success experienced 5 to 10 years ago?

  2. Is the person giving you the advice at the top of his or her career or is the person a newbie or someone who is still learning the ropes and who needs to sit down and master their skills instead of dispensing half-truths and myths to other people


  3. Does the person have documented proof or testimonials from other people who have successfully followed their advice?

  4. Is the person able to answer your questions as you follow their plan or are you left on your own to work out every single kink in their system?

  5. Will you have enough information to transition to the new high-paying career? Or are there critical paths of that transformation that you will be left to find out by yourself?

You Can Succeed Too

Let me say this, the secret to getting a high paying job is to realize that some skills are in high demand and pay highly, while others are not. If you want to earn enough money to pay your bills, follow these steps:

  1. Learn a well-paying skill in high-demand. Make sure it is a skill you love, so you will enjoy working with it.

  2. Find someone who has a proven plan for getting people to the top of their career and do what the person says.

  3. Master your skill and become an expert at what you do

It is that simple. To make money after graduating from high school or college, learn a skill that is in high demand, that pays highly and that you love and then work very hard at it.

There Is A Proven Success Plan That Will Get You A Well-Paying, High-Demand IT Career

If you are interested in changing your assumptions and following a proven success plan that can get you to the top of your information technology career, here are a few useful guides.

  1. I have been a software developer for more than a decade. I have interviewed with and worked for software developer shops at fortune 500 corporations and small businesses.

  2. I personally architect and develop custom business or enterprise software applications. So, I am a computer programming teacher who actually writes code for a living.

  3. I have coached several individuals through this website, my books and my software developer coaching programs.

  4. I have several documented testimonials about how I help people achieve career success. Click here to read a few testimonials:

  5. I have a complete system that gets you from entry-level or beginner to expert computer programmer. It answers all the questions you may have and covers all the steps you need to take.

Click here to order The Fastest Way To Master Programming or

The Step By Step Software Developer Coaching Program or The High Tech Job Search Program which walks you through the steps of finding, interviewing and landing lucrative programming jobs.

So, you have a complete, proven system that gets you into a well paying, in demand, information technology career. No proven system in the world will help you if are someone who does not take action. So order one of these books now and land that lucrative tech job.

To Your Career,

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach


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