Hello, my name is Kingsley Tagbo. I am an IT Career Coach living in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. I am in the business of changing the world one life at a time.

Through my blog on this website, my books and my online training courses for computer programmers and business analysts, I am making the world a better place by giving my customers the tools they need to succeed in their computer programming or business analysis careers.

Here is a testimonial I received 4 days ago from a happy, satisfied customer who experienced a life make-over after reading my book on how to become a computer programmer


I have to say the most life impacting information I received from Kingsley Tagbo’s books was the realization that it was possible.

I have wanted a programming job for years but told myself that I didn’t have the education, the experience, or the knowledge to get a job… Yet I have dabbled in many languages and have strong understanding of programming, it was a hobby… While reading his books, I realized he destroyed every excuse I ever came up with… every doubt obliterated and I had to metaphorically slap myself silly for not doing it earlier.

He gives examples and lays down a plan that made my dreams realizable.

I would have to say what I learned that I had no idea about before was the sequencing… all life is made up of what, the same 6 proteins… but its the sequence that makes everything work and every animal different. I had no Idea how to make the knowledge and skills I had work…

His secret is the sequence, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and for how long, so that it all make sense.

I have really focused my efforts and am learning industry standard technologies ? I am Focusing. Focusing on what will positively affect my life. Focusing on the Technologies I need to become a programmer.

I am using Kingsley Tagbo’s emails *(Free Email-Based Coaching Program that comes with Book) and books to keep me fast on my course and rereading it when ever I feel and excuse coming on!

I have recommended Kingsley Tagbo’s books to my friends. I have shared to everyone what I am calling my LIFE MAKEOVER (since makeover shows are popular right now) and that Kingsley Tagbo was the catalyst to my transformation.

Scott Heinrichs, Phoenix, Arizona


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To Your Career,

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach

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