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I'm going to share something with you that will pretty much blow your mind away.

Now, here's it is. Do you need to be competent at web or windows development before you can get a computer programming job? What is the absolute minimum number of technical skills or programming languages you need to learn to get a business analyst, data analyst or software development job? Do you need to master a number of technical or programming skills to begin your career in business analysis or software development? Absolutely not, I say!

Yes you can get a well-paying business analyst or computer programmer job even if you only have one valuable skill!

How I Jumpstarted My Programming Career With One Valuable Skill

When I bootstrapped my programming career a decade ago, I didn't have any major web or windows programming language skills. As a matter of fact, I was working on the phone as an in-bound sales representative making just a little over $8.50/hour with commission and all other incentives factored in.

I got really tired after just one month of working the phones and decided to quit my job without having another job lined up and waiting for me. I'm not advising you to do the same.

So, here I was at home, without any sizable nest egg or life savings and without the luxury of time to go back to college and learn a new career.

I Must Begin A New Career In 1 Month Or Become Homeless!

I knew I just had about a MONTH to find a career that I could live with and a job that would start paying my bills or I would go down really fast, perhaps become bankrupt, get evicted for not paying my rent or become homeless. I ran all these alternatives through my mind and I can assure you that none of these options where acceptable to me.

So, the question was "what new skills could I learn in a month that would get me a job I could live with and not have to quit and find myself in the same situation".

I realized that whatever new skill I learnt, I had to become very good at doing it within a month if I was really going to get a job.

So, my challenge wasn't just how to learn a technology within a month, I had to become very competent in that new technology quickly compared to everyone else doing the same job. I had realized from my past marketing and sales background that I couldn't just learn the technology and then put it on my resume, walk in to an employer and beg to get hired! From the employer's viewpoint, I had to be really very good at whatever skill I learnt, so it would make economic or business sense to hire me!

To guarantee myself a job within a month, I had to be so good at my newly found skill, that despite my lack of experience, I would certainly get hired!

So, as I defined my problem carefully, I was able to walk back towards a solution.

The Career Defining 1 Month Challenge

Here is the problem as I defined it:

1. I must find a job within a month so I can pay my bills. The alternative would be bankruptcy, homelessness and failure ... none of which was an option.

2. I needed a guaranteed, a steady, dependable, regular source of income, regardless of the economics of the business I work for. I had a family, so I didn't want to have a career where my income would fluctuate or change from one employer to another.

3. Because I had only one month to learn this new job, I must be as good as someone who's been working the job for years, otherwise my employment would be left to chance. This last one pretty much closed many alternatives.
See, I realized that since I couldn't afford not to have a job within a month, I had to be so good at this new skill, that any employer would be happy to hire me regardless of my experience.

4. Since I only had a month, I could only afford to learn one (1) skill. I couldn't go back to college or get formal education in 1 month. I couldn't attempt to learn several new skills within one month or hope to be so good at a suite of new skills, that I was guaranteed a job; I could only afford to learn JUST ONE SKILL and LEARN IT WELL.

5. I had to become almost an EXPERT within a month and then market my new found skills to any and every employer I could reach. In other words, I had to take massive action towards finding a new job, once I mastered this new technology in one month.

6. The last one was that whatever skill or technology I learnt had to be widely useful to businesses, employers and people. It must be a skill in demand and a skill for which employers would pay good money. I couldn't afford to learn an obscure new technology or skill that nobody wanted or ask my college buddies for an opinion. I needed to make a very educated guess, an informed opinion and choose a technology or skill that gave me a whole heck of a fighting chance to get gainfully employed very quickly.

So, haven't defined my problem carefully, I started running through all my options.

Framing Your Problem Correctly Helps You Find A Better Solution

I choose to get into the software development industry because I had a passion for it and because there was a high demand for software development skills which satisfied one of my criteria for picking a new career. But this wasn't just a guess, it was an informed educated guess. All I had to do was look at the local newspapers and online job boards to see the high number of information technology jobs being posted daily.

I Discover The Fastest Way To Learn Programming

I ran through all the software development skills in my mind including Java, C++, C, Visual Basic, Oracle, SAP etc. I ruled out most of them because they would have taken me 6 months to learn and another six months to become competent to the point where I could get hired! Some of these technologies required very expensive training which I also couldn't afford.

I finally settled on a technology I had been previously exposed to as a sales representative for an Information Technology Consultancy earlier on in my career.

You Can Jumpstart Your Career In 1 Month

I mastered my choice of programming language to the point where I became almost an expert in 1 month and then went ahead to land a contract job that paid about $15/hour. Six months later, I had become an expert and was earning $76,000/yr.

The market has changed a bit since when I learnt programming. The market right now is even better for programming and business analyst skills. This is what I cover in my book "How to become a computer programmer". I offer you a shot at bootstrapping yourself into a software development job with a future without having to spend months or years toiling at obscure technical skills.

If you are short on time and money like I was, you can still attempt what I did which is "learn a hot skill in 1 month and get a job with just one interview". The information on How To Rapidly Master Hot In-demand Well-Paying Skills is covered in my book. The information on how to take the kind of massive action that results in you getting a new job is covered in "My Job Search Coaching".

Now, if you are not short on time and on money or out of options, like I was I would advice you to master not just one skill or technology but a package of skills.

The information on the suite of skills you need to master is covered in how to become a computer programmer and "how to become a business analyst". You also need to take massive action towards getting a new job which is covered in My Job Search Coaching.

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To Your Career,

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