Why Johnny Can’t Get A Job

Did you learn an information technology skill but can’t seem to find a job?

If you are looking for a job now or will be in the market for a new job soon, you’ve got to read the rest of what’s on this article.

Are You Getting Job Offers?

Marketers know to do market research before promoting a product or bringing it to the market. This is because the time and money that may be lost by investing in a product that no-one wants to buy can be saved by doing some inexpensive market research.

Business Analysts, Computer Programmers and Information Technology professionals have not learnt to do the same.

Often I run into someone who is all passionate about a new idea, skill or software and then takes off to college or some evening classes to get trained on the skill, only to be out of work in a few months.

This seems happens frequently when ill-advised but well-meaning professionals learn a skill or technology they read about on the internet or that their friends are passionate about or that they think is going to change the world, only to discover that they are betting on a dead horse.

Why Can’t You Get A Job?

Do you give your resume to an uncle, aunt, family friend or some important person who is high up in a corporation and you haven’t heard back in weeks? Are you stuck in your career, waiting for your angel to come through with the good news that you have been offered a job.

Meanwhile the only good news you actually get is that your resume is still in consideration or that the job is still open or that someone will get back to you soon! However, the real picture is that you wait on this job which never comes through and waste a lot of time waiting for your luck to change.

Do You Have A Focused Action Plan That Forces You To Take Massive Action Towards Getting A Job ? Do You Have The Mindset Of A Consultant?

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