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One life skill that strikes fear into the hearts of business analysts and computer programmers alike is sales and marketing skills.

Looking For A Job Is A Sales And Marketing Process

For too long, technical professionals have assumed that sales and marketing is something you need if you're a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, a used car salesperson, real estate agent, a marketing executive or someone else in a non-technical job.

This assumption is so seriously flawed ? nothing could be farther from the truth. Every time you look for a job, email your resume to a hiring manager, interview for a job or negotiate your salary or bill rate, you are performing sales and marketing tasks.

Sales and marketing skills are career-boosting skills needed by every techie including software developers and business analysts. Before you send me your hate mail, hear me out.

Showing Your Resume To Employers Is A Sales and Marketing Task

When you need to get a programming or business analysis job, you generally need to touch up your resume and then send your resume to a list of potential employers or contacts.

This is sales in action. In this case, you are the product and you are selling yourself, your skills and your value to potential employers using your resume just like a sales person would send a mailing (advertisement) to a list of potential customers.

When you contact potential employers for a job, you have to contact them by faxing them your resume, emailing a soft copy of your resume, posting your resume on a job board, mailing a hard copy of your resume using your postal services or hand-delivering a copy of your resume through a contact.

Wait, that is exactly what every sales person or marketer has to do. Marketers have to contact potential customers by sending a postcard to their customer, emailing a sales letter, calling the customer on the phone, faxing a sales letter or advertising their website on online forums just as you would advertise your resume on online job boards.

Technical Interviewing Is A Marketing Activity

After this, if an employer is interested in your resume, you would need to have a face-to-face interview or technical phone interview just like a CEO or a manager would schedule a meeting for a sales person to demonstrate their product or pitch a solution.

Salary Negotiation Is A Marketing Function

If you succeed in impressing your hiring manager, you would have to negotiate a salary or billing rate that works for both you and your employer and sign an employment at-will agreement which is exactly what a sales person will have to do, enter into a price negotiation with a company manager, director, or CEO.

Finding A Job Is A Marketing Activity

So you would agree with me that the process of making a sale resembles the process of finding a technical business analyst or computer programming job?

This eye opening discovery leads to the following reasonable assumptions:

1. You can become better at getting a programming or business analysis job by learning how to become a better sales or marketing person

2. Just like sales people do not leave the outcome of their efforts to chance you can also improve your chances of getting a well-paying job anytime you are in the market for a job

3. Just like the best sales people can influence the outcome of their career by focusing on the actions that bring in the best profit for their firms, you can improve the financial outcome of your career by focusing on the actions that lead to better paying or higher paying business analysis and computer programming jobs

Okay, I have made my point which leads me to today's announcement.

I'm kicking-off a 90-Days Job Search Coaching Program for Technical or Information Technology Professionals (database developers, web designers, business analyst, data analysts ,software developers, etc.) who want to significantly improve their job finding and job searching skills or discover how to sell their expertise, career and resume successfully to hiring managers, employers and recruiters.

The Online Home Study Course known will walk you through all the critical steps of finding a job, getting your effective resume into the hands of hiring managers and getting hired.

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So, why don't you head over to "My Job Search Coaching" now and get yourself ready for the job of your dreams.

To Your Career,

IT Career Coach


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