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I would like to help you by answering any challenging business analyst or software development career question you may have.

So, add your question as a comment to the end of this post and I will either answer you on this post or privately by email if it happens to be a sensitive question.

Here are some of the questions you can ask. You can borrow from the list of questions below or ask a more pressing career related question.

Here is a list of sample questions for Business Analysts:

1. How do I get a business analyst job?

2. How do I get a business analyst job without a college degree, education or real-world experience?

3. What is the entry level salary for business analysts?

4. What skills do I need to master to become a business analyst?

5. What are the roles, responsibilities and career options for business analysts?

6. How do I prepare for business analyst interviews?

7. What is the most sought-after skill in business analysis?

8. How long should I train to become a business analyst?

9. How does a business analysis career compare to a computer programming career?

10. What is the current job market outlook for business analysts?

Here is a list of sample questions for Software Developers:

1. How does out-sourcing affect the career prospects of software developers?

2. Am I too old to become a software developer?

3. What is the highest paying software development skill?

4. Should I consider becoming a game programmer?

5. What are the hottest programming languages right now?

6. What is the easiest programming language to master?

7. Should I become a contract software developer or a full-time software developer?

8. How hard is it to become a software developer?

9. What curriculum is the best for teaching computer programming to high school students?

10. What are the opportunities for women or minorities in computer programming?

Here are a few rules you need to observe while asking your question:

1. Introduce yourself: Post your name, your location and some background on what you do for a living before asking your question.

2. Ask a relevant question: Ask a question related to your business analyst, software development career, a question about me or about my products and services.

3. Ask on time: Ask your question within the next 48 hours

This list of questions is by no means comprehensive and you can choose a question from this list or ask me your own question, either way the floor is yours for the next 48 hours.


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Hello, my name is Omar Donovan.
I live in Charlotte, NC. I am a security guard and have been doing it for the past 6 years, which by the way I am very tiered of doing this boring same routine job. That is why I really want to learn programming a get a career in something that I really enjoy.
My question to you is:
What is the easiest programming language to master?
Thanks you very much for taking the time and reading my question...
Thanks again for the e-books.
I just replied your question. I gave you two answers (a.) the easiest programming language you can learn, which is not so valuable or marketable and the next programming language which is much more marketable, valuable and in-demand. It's also quite easy to learn as you can master it in about 3 months.

Hi Kingley,

I am a computer operator though I had basic knowledge in programming (dbase II, III) but not enough to face more challenging tasks in programming.

How long will it take me to master say sybase or any data based management programming language? What is the cost? Is it possible to have any financial support anywhere to ease my costs?


Emmanuel Omobhude


Hi Emmanuel:
Of course you know that dbase skills are no longer relevant to the world technology market. I learnt or was introduced to dbase myself in the early 1990s when tools like clipper, foxpro, microsoft access etc. where the rave.
It should take you about 2 months to master a modern relational database management software like Sybase. It may even take you 3 months if you don't have a lot of time. Bear in mind that this is only academic or theoretical mastery. Real mastery will develop after a few years using or working with the tool.
Speaking to your question, the cost is whatever you make of it. There is no one way of learning any programming language or database tool. However, some learning methods will take you much longer, perhaps years when compared to more effective learning methods which are inexpensive. Budget a few hundred dollars for buying books to start with.
There is no financial support available except if you go to college and get financial aid here in the US. Otherwise, you will have to do what I did and what several other people did which is pay their own way through. Nowadays, with so much opportunity available for making money online, it's considerably easier to earn an income online to support your education.
I hope I answered your question.
Am working as a BI developer for the past one year but i get frustrated with the job. So Am plannuing to go as business analyst is it a good choice . if i start my career as business analyst from now how will my growth bw will it be equal to a software developer in term of wage.