How To Ace Programming Job Interviews

I’m finally done with it … the book that’s 10 years in the making and tonight I”m releasing the How To Ace Programming Job Interviews Book.

Why The Programming Job Interviews Book Took Ten Years To Write

If you are my customer, by that I mean you’ve bought one of my books, you will realize that i’m pretty thorough and not one to release a half-baked book. You will also realize that my computer programming books and business analyst books are practical, comprehensive and based on tactics, strategies and information that gets results in the software development industry.

So, after a decade of taking software developer job interviews for both full-time programming positions and well paying contract programming jobs, I’ve decided to come out with the book that says it all: The Ultimate Guide to Computer Programming Jobs and Software Developer Job Interviews.

I Interviewed for Programming Jobs for Over a Decade

I’ve taken dozens of programming job interviews with various IT departments ranging from small software development shops to Fortune 500 IT departments to non-profits to consulting firms to staffing/recruitment agencies.

I’ve been interviewed and hired for both management and non-management software developer positions. I’ve personally interviewed software developers and also coached software developers who’ve gone on to wow their interviewers and ace the programming positions they want.

I’ve been in several situations where to get the next assigment, I interviewed with several firms and received multiple competing programming job offers.

I’ve been in situations where firms competed for my programming services by trying to hire me away or go out of their way to impress me with pretty good offers.

I’ve been hired for high visibility programming jobs in large organizations with one single phone interview without going through a face to face interview. I’ve taken more programming interviews than I care to count, closing and getting job offers 9 times out of ten.

I’ve even taken and aced programming phone interviews while driving and while on vacation.

I’ve been interviewed by a team of technical people several times during my career and sometimes without any warning and still wowed my team of interviewers without any prior preparation. As far as programming job interviews are concerned, I’ve been there and i’ve done it.

I Have Something To Say

I have a lot to say about programming job interviews and I’m asking you to learn from me, so that you can truly be the master of your own fortune because you desire to be the best that you can be.

Are you are ready to be all you can be, break out of your personal limitations and experience the success you want? Begin by learning from an expert on “how to ace programming job interviews”.

Are you teachable and open to learning? If you are, Click Here To Get Your Own Copy of How To Ace Programming Job Interviews.

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