The Business Analyst Book

The business analyst career is one of the most misunderstood professions in the information technology or software development industry.

The majority of software development professionals who understand the network administrator, database administrator, web developer, computer programmer, IT manager or IT director’s role fail at understanding or appreciating the roles, responsibilities and career opportunities available to business analysts.

Announcing The Ultimate Guide to Careers and Jobs for Business Analysts

The Ultimate Guide to Careers and Jobs for Business Analysts solves this problem by opening wide the doors to success in business analyst careers and jobs.

It does this by showing you:

1. What you need to know to become a successful business analyst (technology and business requirements)

2. A clear path that leads to a Junior, Mid-Level or Senior Business Analyst positions

3. The questions or topics you need to master to excel at business analyst interviews

4. The top duties and roles and responsibilities of business analysts

5. How to improve your business analysis skills, so you can become a better business analyst

6. How to prepare, study, train and educate yourself for business analyst jobs and careers (including informal or self-study and more formal programs)

7. How to learn or gain the real-world skills and working experience you need to become a professional business analyst

Remember that the business analyst’s career is a healthy, viable alternative to the computer programmer’s career because:

1. Business analysts are also employable in firms that hire software developers and many other firms that don’t

2. Business analysts are not expected to be experts in computer programming so, you have a lower barrier to entry

If you want a well paying career with lots of employment and advancement opportunities, a lower barrier to entry and shorter learning curve than computer programming begin by reading the business analyst book now.

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  1. Mona   November 10, 2009 at 9:11 am

    I am interested in buying the BUSINESS ANALYST BOOK ONLY….so could you please advise how can I order it online.


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