Who Is Your Software Developer Mentor?

If you have read my books by now, you probably know a few things about me already.

I am a Software Development Consultant and a Software Developer Mentor living in Saint Louis, USA.

Over the last decade I have been contracted to develop enterprise software applications for Fortune 1000 and small business organizations.

I also coach individuals who want to learn leading-edge computer programming skills or get hired into full-time software developer or contract programmer jobs just like me.

The secrets of my software developer consultant career, how I started contract programming and succeeded in a fast-paced, top-paying and sought-after career, without a computer science degree or any formal software developer training, is well-documented in my e-Book, “The Street Smart Guide to Computer Programmer Careers“.

My book and coaching program is based on proven strategies that have worked well for me and produced results for others documented in several testimonials on this site.

Here is what I will do for you:

1. I will help you quickly discover and master computer programming skills in top-demand by employers … I won’t waste your time or mine on obsolete or legacy technology.

2. I will help you improve your resume, interviewing or job search skills so you can stand-out and get hired.

3. I will also help you gain critical software development experience that will launch your career. Your career will take-off when you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience that employers are looking for.

You can turn your software developer career around in as little as 2 to 4 months by getting my e-Book or joining my software developer mentoring program.

Pareto’s Law which holds true in software development and other areas of life tells us that only a few people will make it to the top of their software developer careers in their lifetime.

Do you want to be one of those few who make it to the top or one of the many who won’t?

Take advantage of the opportunity offered you and get a copy of “The Street Smart Guide to Computer Programmer Careers” e-Book now.

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