3 Keys Of Successful Computer Programmer Careers

Your technology, resume and interviewing skills are the 3 keys that drive your computer programming career.

If you are formula minded, you can express my career determining statement as:


Here is how the computer programming industry works:

  1. Technology: Your choice of programming language can make or break your career. If you choose a programming language that’s not in-demand like COBOL, your career is PRETTY MUCH dead. If you choose a programming language that’s in high demand like Java or C# your career is headed for the STARS.

    After you choose a programming language, your next critical task is to master it. Put together, your programming language and technical mastery determine how relevant your programming skills are to recruiters and employers.

  2. Resume: Your resume must be in tip-top shape if you want to get invitations for job interviews, regardless of your programming skills. You won’t even be considered for many good job openings unless your resume does a pretty good job of marketing you. Without a good resume, you will get fewer job interviews and fewer opportunities to get hired. And it’s also pretty darn hard to negotiate a good salary or billing rate using a bad resume.
  3. Job Interviewing Skills: Finally, you need to sharpen your technical interviewing skills so you can convince employers that you’re as good as your resume says. In other words, if your resume markets you as a rock star, talented programmer and your interviewing skills suck, you’ll lose out on many job interviews.

I have given you the 3 keys to computer programming careers. Use these keys to get programming jobs, make more money and accelerate your programmer career.

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