Time For Programmer Career Questions Again!

What are the computer programming career challenges, issues and problems facing you today?It’s time to have your tough, important and difficult questions on your programming career answered.

To make myself clear, let’s go over some typical programming career questions. You may ask any of these or another more urgent and critical programmer questions.

  1. How do I study difficult computer programming books?
  2. How do I overcome the fear of programming interviews?
  3. How do I succeed at programmer interviews easily?
  4. How do I transition to becoming a contract computer programmer?
  5. Am I too old to become a computer programmer?
  6. What do I need to learn to become better, competent, highly skilled at computer programming?
  7. I can’t get a programming job, what is wrong with my resume?
  8. Am I under qualified for programming jobs?
  9. Do I need a college education to become a programmer?
  10. Do I need to take classes and courses to learn programming?
  11. Should I relocate to find a programming job?
  12. What is the typical salary, wages or billing rate for junior, mid-level or senior programmers?
  13. Should I become a full time programmer or a contract programmer?
  14. I love programming but I hate my job, what do I do?
  15. What do I need to do to become an expert, successful programmer?

These are just examples of programmer career questions. The floor is yours. Ask me for advice, tips, suggestions, help on any programmer career related issue. Make your question as detailed or as brief as you want to.

Begin by posting a question using the comments form below. And introduce yourself first before asking your question.

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