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Why do some careers pay significantly higher salaries than other careers? And what do top paid professionals including doctors, lawyers and computer programmers have in common that makes them earn significantly higher income than other lower-paid professionsals?

The one thing that top paying careers have in common, are skills that fetch top dollars in the marketplace. Simply stated, how much you earn after a hard day’s work is determined by the market value of your career.

What do you know about low paid jobs, Kingsley? You are a contract programmer with a decade of skills and experience aren’t you?

What do I know about low paid jobs you ask? I will tell you what I do know. Before I became a contract programmer in Tulsa, I was working an $8/hr. sales job which I hated ever minute of.

I had to clock-in to begin work and then clock-out at the end of my 8-hour shift. I had to clock-in and clock-out to go to the restroom. I was on the phone fielding calls every minute of the day. I couldn’t play my radio or talk to my next cube neighbor because there was literally no break in between the phone calls.

How I hated those days. Finally I couldn’t take it and I quit. And within 6 months I was making $76,000/yr. as a contract programmer in the same city. So, don’t ask me what I know about low paid jobs. I have been there, done that and bagged a t-shirt okay!

You now have good evidence that your income is set by your choice of career don’t you?

You are not really a stranger to this fact of life are you? That your ability to comfortably pay your bills, take vacations, pay your home mortgage, buy new cars, provide medical benefits and take care of your family is affected by the career you choose!

We both know that in all careers, there are top performers who earn significantly more than most of their colleagues and under performers who earn significantly less than most of their careers. I am not referring to these over or under performers, but to the Jane Doe who earns an average salary.

You can make an informed guess on what people earn from their line of work can’t you? So, imagine for a moment how much your neighbor earns for a living working as:

  • a school teacher in South Carolina
  • a waiter in Bronx, New York
  • an investment banker in Saint Louis, Missouri
  • a high school graduate in Madison, Wisconsin

What does this tell you? It is illogical, unreasonable and statistically weird to expect a high income from a career that typically pays low wages. It is like expecting apples to grow on orange trees. It rarely happens because if you really want to eat apples, you have to look on apple trees and if you want oranges you have to pick orange trees.

So to earn a higher pay, escape the minimum wage trap or make more money than you are making now, you need to begin a high paying career right about now.

But you say that changing to a high paying career is not easy because:

  1. Most top paying careers have stringent, required educational exams. There are requirements for examinations, certifications, and years of schooling in medicine and law
  2. Preparing for top paying careers requires many years of classroom education. Years that may not be spent earning any additional income
  3. Going to school to learn a top paying career can be expensive. Tuition costs can run into six figures and may require taking on hard to pay back debt
  4. Not all students who can afford high tuition costs for top paying careers can be admitted. Because of the pre-defined, limited number of credentialed and certified academic institutions, competition is usually very high among prospective students and only a minority of applicants can be accepted
  5. And if you weren’t near or at the top of your class in high school, your chances of being accepted into a top paying course in college or university is limited by stiff competition from your fellow high school students with better academic scores than you.

Enter computer programmer careers. The one hidden top paying career that still provides a steady dependable source of job wealth, high income and top pay. A hidden career thanks to the common myths lies and mis-conceptions spread about the career.


  1. There are no stringent, required or mandatory exams that must be passed to practice computer programming. You don’t need to be registered, certified or degreed to begin a programmer career.
  2. You don’t need formal classroom education to begin programming. You don’t have to spend years learning programming without earning an income and you can begin programming today and start earning an income in as little as 3 to 8 months depends on your motivation.
  3. You don’t have to pay for any expensive sort of education before you can begin programming. Of course you have to invest in resources for learning programming, but at a small fraction of what you will have to spend to learn other top paying careers.
  4. You are not disqualified from beginning programming because of your past or present academic performance, and I mean absolutely not. Even if you only have a high school diploma or a non-technical college degree, you can begin programming, if you simply want to.
  5. And you can learn programming from any location, at your own pace and convenient time. There are no rules for learning, no set exams to take and additional classroom education is completely optional. You can begin your computer programmer career at home, in your spare time by just studying 1 to 2 hours a day or a few hours per week

Now, you understand that your choice of career locks-in how much you earn. And you understand that most top paying careers have difficult or hard entry requirements, certifications and courses except computer programming.

Finally, you realize that there are no rules on how to begin programming because being a programmer is simply about learning how to write good, quality software code.

Dear friend, away with the lies, mis-conceptions and myths that have stopped you from beginning your programmer career and start your exciting new journey to learn programming with me. A decade ago, I changed careers to computer programming and today

I am here to help you do the same. Don’t hesitate, just act and take me up on the offer today.

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