Show Me Your Talent And I Will Show You The Money

My programming career started in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I mastered a programming language in high-demand by employers within 1 month, scored 93% in my computer programming job interview and within 6 months was billing an entry level $76,000/yr. contract programming fee.

Hi, my name is Kingsley Tagbo. I am a Contract Software Developer, an IT Career Coach and Author of the book on “How to Master High Paying, Highly Sought-After Computer Programming Skills Easily and Quickly“.

The Hallmark of my signature coaching services and books is this: I help people develop their personal ability to master highly sought after computer programming skills in the fastest, easiest, least expensive way possible

My coaching services and books follow “The Shortest Path Between Developing Your Skills And Becoming Well Paid“. And Nobody Else Does It Like I Do! Let’s quickly examine what sets my coaching apart:

  1. Begin Programming With The End In Mind: I believe that the foundation of your career is your technical skills. This is where I radically depart from others. I focus on the skills that are in high-demand by employers. In other words, I coach you with the mindset of achieving something more important than just learning a language. I focus on your big picture, what’s really important to you about computer programming.

    Beyond learning a programming language, is your career objective: (a.) finding a well paying job (b.) having a highly portable career (c.) developing highly sought after programming skills (d.) living on the edge by focusing on new technology. Only after your big picture is clear do I then map the shortest path for you to achieve it. This is what sets my coaching and my books apart.

  2. Speed Of Execution: I coach based on my unique formative years in programming. While some others take a part that means it can take you several years to achieve your programming goals, I focus on your Wildly Important Goals.

    For some job candidates, this means that you will learn a programming skill and begin marketing your resume to hiring managers and recruiters within one month. I can do this for you, because this is how I started my programming career too. This agility and speed means that my coaching candidates take the quicker, easier path to getting paid period.

  3. It’s More Than Your Money’s Worth: Because I started my computer programming career with a $49.95 investment and I’VE MADE several thousands of dollars back from that singular investment. So, I have become a strong advocate for self-learning, self-taught non-traditional paths to learning programming.

    If you follow the advice in my coaching and my books, you will develop your own unique personal power. The ability to identify high paying computer programming skills, master it for cheap bucks and easily discover employers that are willing to pay give you a well-paying job or pay you top dollars for your new skills.

So ends this article on myself, my coaching services and my eBook “The Street Smart Guide To High Paying Computer Programming Careers“.

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