Help Programmers Succeed By Making Money From The Internet

You can make more money by helping others begin their programming career, learn a programming language, find a well paying programming job or become highly skilled.

Begin by joining my affiliate program and in a minute you will be earning a fat 50% commission on your e-book sales.

Here’s how to join my affiliate program

  1. Register with Clickbank (an independent retailer of digital products) at
  2. Go to this URL and enter your Clickbank ID:
  3. Leave the tracking field blank if you don?t know what to put there. Clickbank will give you the URL to promote for a 50% commission on each e-Book sale. It will look something like this:

    <a href=”” target=_top>CLICK HERE </a>

  4. Replace CLICKBANKID with the Clickbank ID giving to you by Clickbank
  5. Replace CLICK HERE with “read this ” or “buy this book” or any promotional text/image you prefer.
  6. You are done. Clickbank will pay you a 50% commission on every e-Book sale.
  7. To learn more about my e-Book please CLICK HERE.
  8. Finally, join my affiliate group for more resources, tools, articles and information on how to market yourself successfully on the internet. To join, please click here

How to make more money on the internet

  1. Post the URL in forums (be sure to read the rules and understand the culture of the forum? do not SPAM!).
  2. Post the URL on your blog along with your testimonial or recommendation.
  3. Post the URL to your opt-in email lists.
  4. Post the URL on websites? as long as you don?t SPAM and you follow the rules of the websites you are posting on.
  5. Contact someone you know who has a forum, a blog or an email-list and promote the URL to their readers.

Remember, you will make a fat 50% commission on every e-Book sale that comes through a link you posted with your affiliate or clickbank id.

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  1. Kumar Shorav   April 16, 2010 at 10:42 am


    The books listing page at /books pass a search string “/?s=”header” via http. Hence, it pulls up the search result page with zero result for ‘header’ book search.

    This goes for all the book categories listed on this page.

    Plz address this bug.



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