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I want to help you become a more successful computer programmer. So, email me your questions here: contact me, and I will do my best to answer them.

Perhaps, you want to know

  1. How to begin a career in computer programming
  2. How to learn a programming language
  3. How to become a highly skilled, in-demand computer programmer
  4. How to find a high paying programming job
  5. How to ace job interviews
  6. How to prepare a killer resume
  7. How to stay abreast of technology
  8. How to market your services as a computer programmer
  9. How to manage and develop your career

Whatever your questions or concerns, please email them to me here: contact me, and I will do my best to answer them.

Here are a few testimonials from my readers:

“I am an IT student here in Philippines. Your article greatly inspired me. I agree with you that being a programmer has rewarded countless people including me with career flexibility, job satisfaction, career growth, intellectual challenge and above average compensation when compared to the medium income from most careers. I was thinking to quit in world of programming but after a read this, I changed my mind.” – Jec, Phillipines

“Kingsley’s advice on interviewing has helped me get through the interviewing process successfully. The main two things that I implemented from his e-book was: 1) never look at anything you do as something small, like volunteer work, but see it as something that helped you gain experience and 2) be confident during the interview because this lets the interviewer know that you are competent where nervousness gives the opposite impression.” P. Mathias, USA

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