For Immediate Download, 4 Books On How To Learn A Programming Language Fast, Begin A Hi Tech Career, Get A High Paying Job, And Become A Successful In Demand Computer Programmer

IT-Career-Coach.Com announces the release of Your Complete Guide to a Programming Career in 4 e-Books available for immediate download. This hi-tech career handbook provides you with the experience, insight and information on computer programming careers and hi-tech jobs that will cost you years to discover otherwise.

Reducing trial and error by learning from professional programmers is key to career success

By reducing the trial-and-error involved in becoming a professional computer programmer or finding a hi-tech job, you can learn a programming language fast, begin a high demand programming career easily and find a high paying job early in your programming career.

8 reasons why you should download and read the “how to” book on becoming a computer programmer

  1. You will save money and time on becoming a computer programmer.
  2. You will have complete and comprehensive information on what you need to do to become a marketable computer programmer.
  3. You can download it now to your computer, and start reading it in minutes.
  4. You will learn how to write computer code (computercode) and get a high paying hi-tech job without spending thousands of dollars.
  5. You will learn the specific strategies currently used by professional programmers to advance their careers, get high paying jobs and rapidly master new programming languages and technologies.
  6. You will get extensive and exhaustive information. Currently, there are more than 160 pages of practical information on how to become a professional computer programmer.
  7. You will begin your journey into the world of experienced hi-tech professionals and obtain insider knowledge which usually takes years of intensive industry exposure or thousands of dollars of career coaching.
  8. Your reading will be in plain simple English, in words that you can understand, whether you have a high school diploma, a computer science degree or no previous computer programming background.

How to think like an experienced professional programmer

This handbook is designed to help you think like a professional programmer and not like a beginning programmer. For example, beginning programmers think that “choosing or learning a programming language” is all that matters. Experienced programmers know that there is more to computer programming than just learning a programming language. Why this book matters to you

The career development information contained in Your Complete Guide To A Programming Career will help you build a hi-tech, hi-demand career faster and more easily than your colleagues who are using the trial and error method to start a new programming career or discover what works and what doesn?t in the world of hi-tech computer jobs.

Some of the challenges faced by beginning programmers which are addressed include:

  1. How to learn programming fast.
  2. Which is the best programming language: C#, C/C++, Visual Basic.NET, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Ruby, etc.
  3. How to become a better, more skilled and competent computer programmer.
  4. The pros and cons of contract programming or full time employment.
  5. How to identify which computer skills and jobs are in high demand.
  6. How to identify which computer skills and jobs pay best.
  7. How to become a computer programmer in a shorter time.

It is important for a beginning computer programmer to choose the right programming language. This is because programming languages are not equal. Some are difficult for beginners to learn and others are easier to master. Some programming languages are in high demand and others are not. To succeed, beginning programmers need to choose the programming language best suited to their personal goals and avoid the frustration resulting from learning the wrong language.

Four Books In Your Complete Guide To A Programming Career

  1. The Computer Programmer?s Quick Start Career Guide.
  2. How To Be A Programmer.
  3. The Street Smart Guide To High Paying Computer Programming Careers.
  4. How To Learn Programming Fast: From Beginner To Professional Computer Programmer.

The Computer Programmer?s Quick Start Career Guide addresses 50 topics on becoming a professional computer programmer. Some of these are:

  1. How to determine your salary or your hourly consulting rate.
  2. How to become a programmer with or without a college degree.
  3. How to find recruiters who specialize in hiring programmers.
  4. How to learn computer programming at home and on a budget.
  5. How to handle the effects of out-sourcing on computer programming careers.
  6. How to find “freelance work” or “telecommuting jobs.
  7. How to get the training you need to become a computer programmer.
  8. How to keep up with rapidly changing of technology.
  9. How to determine what you are worth.
  10. How to become a programmer without a degree in math or computer science.
  11. How to choose between a traditional college education and the self-learning / self-taught path to becoming a programmer.
  12. How to shorten the time it takes to learn a programming language or software.
  13. How to get the real world industry experience needed to get hired.
  14. How to get past hard-to-understand programming books and languages.
  15. How to turn your past non-programming experience into irresistible reasons for hiring you.
  16. How to successfully negotiate your salary or consulting rate with a recruiter.

How to Be a Programmer addresses several topics on becoming a programmer including

  1. How to deal professionally with difficult customers, managers or co-workers.
  2. How to handle stress associated with programming.
  3. How to manage software projects on time and under budget.
  4. How to find the information you need to do your job.

The Street Smart Guide to High Paying Computer Programming Careers, the first in this series

  1. Addresses the fundamental question of why you should consider a career in computer programming.
  2. Explains how to successfully jump start your own computer programming career without spending years beating about.
  3. Addresses how to get your resume into the hands of employers, prepare for technical interviews, and get hired for hi-tech positions.
  4. Walks you through the multiple career paths available to hi-tech workers.

One of the reasons why aspiring information technology workers fail is that they assume that everyone employed in the industry writes code for a living. Well, this is not true. Some hi-tech workers write code, while others don?t. This career guide presents multiple career paths that may match your personality better.

The Street Smart Guide to High Paying Computer Programming Careers explains the difference in life style between full time and contract programming careers so, you can decide which is best for you based on facts. This level of detail will clarify for you, the career, pay and choices available to highly paid computer programmers and help you to become one more easily.

How to Learn Programming Fast: From Beginner to Professional Computer Programmer helps you discover

  1. Which programming language is best suited for you.
  2. How to learn a programming language or technology and accelerate from novice or beginning programmer to a competent professional programmer.
  3. How to accelerate your career with complete study guides and career action plans.
Five reasons why you must download and read these 4 e-Books.

  1. You will become more successful in your career by following after experienced, successful professionals: Becoming a programmer is more than just choosing a programming language like Java or C#. Being a professional programmer is more like having your own business.

    So, there are lots of really important details to pay attention to. In these 4 e-books, you will gain critical insight into what it takes to succeed in a programming or hi-tech career.

  2. You will become more effective on the job and save both yourself and your employer thousands of dollars in training costs: If your solution to learning new technology is always to attend a training class or go to school, your career may stall. In a real job you may have to master more than one new technology in your first month of employment. If you choose to take classes, you will end up in training for the month and get nothing productive done.

    If you keep up with this solution, your career may stall as your employer by-passes you for less expensive and more effective colleagues. So, learning new technologies quickly on the job is critical to your career success.

    From Your Complete Guide To Programming Careers you will learn how to master new technologies and programming languages without having to attend training classes and schools. Mastering the skill of self learning will definitely pay you rich dividends for your life time.

  3. You will learn how to recognize and avoid career dead-ends: The author was once offered a job by a consulting firm that would have been a career dead-end. The hiring manager presented the job as a favor by citing 401K, medical and dental health plans, vacation pay and a guaranteed salary as strong pluses. Had the author accepted the offer, more than $25,000 would have been left on the table.

    Not only this, some important liberties like the right to negotiate one’s bill rate, choose one’s technology and client would have been lost. Your Complete Guide To Programming Careers will help you avoid taking rabbit trails and weird job offers by defining a tried and true path to either contract or full time programming.

  4. You will save time and money by avoiding trial and error: Learning by trial and error will cost you. Things like knowing what to negotiate for and how to negotiate can mean the difference between a $25/hr. and a $38/hr. job ($26,000 difference).

    Not knowing which programming language is in high demand can mean the difference between a $20/hr. and a $40/hr.job (a $40,000 difference) and not knowing how to present and prepare for interviews can mean the difference between a well paying engagement and a career dead-end. So, if you eliminate the risks and cost of learning by trial and error, you will become more successful easily.

  5. You will avoid becoming frustrated or worse giving up on your dream: Your attempt to become a computer programmer may stall and ultimately fail if you make a costly mistake like learning the wrong programming language.

    For example, your career may stall because the programming language you choose is too difficult for you, or because there are few resources to help you with learning the language or because you got left behind by the pace of change of technology.

Your Complete Guide to a Programming Career shows you how to achieve a successful high paying computer programming career and is available for immediate download here.

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