The Secret Path to Highly Paid Computer Programming Jobs

What is the secret path to highly paid contract programming careers if there is one?

Perhaps it is one of the following:

  1. College Education

  2. Computer Science Degree

The answer does not lie in a college or post graduate education or computer science degree.

The secret path to contract programming riches lies in:

  1. Your ability to learn new information quickly

  2. A passion or drive to work hard at computer programming

  3. Mastery of high demand computer programming languages like Microsoft .NET

  4. Marketable resume based on hot skills and matching experience

  5. Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, products and services on the job

  6. Good to Great interviewing skills

  7. Ability to sense or detect shift in demand for new technologies

What this really means is that your success as a highly paid corporate programmer depends on your street smarts and your ability to put on a business hat versus a technical hat.

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