Fast Track Careers in Top Paying Jobs in High Demand

Career development planning for professionals who want a high paying job in a high demand career has never been easy.

This website addresses this difficult challenge by providing career coaching and guidance on how to get into the fastest growing occupations, top paying careers, jobs in high demand and skills in high demand.

The foundation of our career coaching is the Street Smart Guide to High Paying Computer Programming Careers? book and more than a decade of Information Technology (IT) experience in various high demand careers including Business Analysis, Database Development, Project Management, Software Consulting, Software Sales, Contract Programming, Web Development and IT Management.

Our goal on this website is to help you take the quickest and most direct route to getting a top paying high demand job in one of the fastest growing occupations.

We will help you fast track your career by providing career development help focused on:

  • Defining the top jobs in demand and preparing you for the challenges associated with these jobs, including gaining hot technical skills in the fastest growing careers.
  • Contacting employers for jobs most in demand, defining your core competencies for success on the job and reducing the time it takes to transition to a top paying job in a fast growing high demand career.
  • Providing better job interviewing coaching, resume preparation and job marketing.

Top jobs most in demand

Our leadership coaching initiative has identified some of the highest paying career paths that have low training, education, certification or experience requirements and the top jobs in demand which are important to businesses and organizations whether local, regional, national or international.

These careers are in an industry that is critical to the competitiveness, growth and economic well being of the US economy. These top paying and high demand careers are open to individuals young and old, male or female, African American, Hispanic and White, college and high school graduates.

These top paying jobs and high demand careers include:

  • Computer Programming
  • Database Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Testing
  • IT Management
  • Web Development
  • Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing and E-Commerce

Leadership Outcomes

Our Fast Track Career Leadership initiative targeted at these high demand careers is designed to help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide highly focused training targeted at developing hot skills for jobs in demand based on individualized career development plans.
  • Increase the degree of mentoring and career support provided by more experienced professionals to the professionals transitioning to new careers and jobs.
  • Increase the degree of collaboration between Industry professionals and the bench mark and re-use of best practices and strategies for succeeding in high technology jobs.
  • Increase the opportunities for finding and keeping jobs most in demand by individuals from any socio or economic strata.
  • Provide career development planning for top paying careers in demand.
  • By coaching professionals on how to be more market-driven in their careers, identify the hot skills in hi-tech jobs, learn, adapt or react quickly to industry challenges and opportunities, develop best practices for identifying the top paying careers and high demand jobs, we help Information Technology professionals become more competitive, successful and productive individuals.


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